Kerasys Perfumed Shampoo review Glam & Stylish

Review: KeraSys Perfumed Shampoo (Pure & Charming)

Some choose the bookstore, record store, Bloomingdale’s or maybe the iStore, for me retail therapy lies in the beauty section of any good supermarket. I usually make a beeline for the aisle with haircare products because my battle with frizz is city-famous. Truthfully, I haven’t found a product that my locks have a chemistry with, and so, this is…


The Concept of Self-Made

There are many great people in the world today, most of who claim that their success is self-made. You believe them; you are inspired, and you aspire to be like them. For a moment, if you choose to look at the picture from a panoramic perspective, you will realize that all those claims are false,…


Is It Ever Enough? – LinkedIn Pulse

Is It Ever Enough? It is in human nature to desire. When we are children, we play house, pretend to be doctors and aspire to be adults. In school, we keep wondering if there is a way to skip these unnecessary classroom rituals and step into college where we can be free.

The Big Bad Boss

The Big Bad Boss – LinkedIn Pulse

The Big Bad Boss If people around the world could reach a consensus about work life, it would be that everyone’s bad karma chases you in the form of a horrible boss. Yes I know that running a company is a tough job, and you have to be tough on the employees to get work…