The Big Bad Boss

The Big Bad Boss – LinkedIn Pulse

The Big Bad Boss If people around the world could reach a consensus about work life, it would be that everyone’s bad karma chases you in the form of a horrible boss. Yes I know that running a company is a tough job, and you have to be tough on the employees to get work…

Beautiful Standards of Beauty

S5050 #7 Am I Beautiful?

One of my favorite stories from Aesop includes Jupiter & The Monkey. Jupiter issued a proclamation to all the beasts, and offered a prize to the one who, in his judgment, produced the most beautiful offspring. Among the rest came the monkey, carrying a baby monkey in her arms, a hairless, flat-nosed little fright. When…

Tiny Portions

Big Money Small Portions

Given a choice between casual dine and fine dine, what would you choose? If you ask me, there are two ways to look at it. I’d choose casual dine for price and portions, while I’d go to a fine dine restaurant for the experience. Now, I know I’d probably pay three times more for the same…

evolution of God shruti suresh

The Evolution of God

Every once in a while, a child (or an adult) stops to wonder, who ‘God’ is, and why everyone talks about him/her so much when we can’t even sense his presence. There are daily miracles, but a scientist would say that probability can explain those miracles better than the concept of God. If you go…

Kerasys Perfumed Shampoo review Glam & Stylish

Review: KeraSys Perfumed Shampoo (Pure & Charming)

Some choose the bookstore, record store, Bloomingdale’s or maybe the iStore, for me retail therapy lies in the beauty section of any good supermarket. I usually make a beeline for the aisle with haircare products because my battle with frizz is city-famous. Truthfully, I haven’t found a product that my locks have a chemistry with, and so, this is…


Is It Ever Enough? – LinkedIn Pulse

Is It Ever Enough? It is in human nature to desire. When we are children, we play house, pretend to be doctors and aspire to be adults. In school, we keep wondering if there is a way to skip these unnecessary classroom rituals and step into college where we can be free.


The Prince and The Pauper – A Sad Vegetarian Tale

Once upon a time – which is almost everyday – a vegetarian visits fast food joints across the city hoping to have a bite of veg deliciousness. Normally he is surrounded by herb-lovin’ friends, sharing a table loaded with veggie meals complete with fries, cola, choice of burger with extra cheese wrapped in attractively designed paper.…

employees are like shoes

S5050 #6 The Employees & The Shoes

You are walking down a street while you catch a pair of beautiful dress shoes (brogues) on a shop window. Immediately your mind starts to flip through the clothes in your closet trying to match those brogues with what you have. You know it doesn’t go with everything but that’s the whole point. They are special…

all about your heart, stay fit

The Heart Wants What It Wants

Apart from being a song that topped the 2014 Billboard music charts and made its home in several thousand Jelena fans’ hearts, the title of this article is a classic and coy answer to a timeless question, “What does the heart really want?” You may try to solve the ambiguity by explaining that the heart…

Fairytale Endings

There’s always a dream in our eyes, To live the life in fairytales, To fall in love, fight the battle, And live happily ever after. But this is life and not a mere book, It takes more than just laying eyes or true love’s kiss, It has great pain, endurance and test of love, Eventually…

5 Tricks to Solve Sleep Problems

Do you fall asleep on time? Do you feel tired when you wake up every morning? Does it take sleeping pill to get your night’s rest? Your brain will get too tired if it continues working this hard to keep you awake. So, what can you do? Counting sheep works only in cartoons when Tom…

Perks of Being a Vegetarian

Hey meat lovers! Stop taunting your fellow vegetarians and vegans. We have perks as well. In fact, there are some reasons compelling enough to change your mind and inspire you to give up meat forever. These go way beyond religion, ethics or animal rights. It’s about health and reducing risk of major diseases. Here’s a list…

An Illusion

Look around, what do you see, Birds, trees, some people maybe? Look again, and look within, Is prejudice guiding your thoughts lately? For what may seem like a bird may as well be a cloud, And what you think you see, may be a extrapolation of a sound. -3rd April 2014

Would the World End If Print Magazines Disappeared?

Would the World End If Print Magazines Disappeared?

Would you rather buy a magazine off the shelf or read an article on your smartphone? As millenials rise in numbers, print magazines see rapidly declining readership thrusting print-focused publishers into a deep state of anxiety over the future of the industry. Needless to say, the shift is due to the booming success of digital media consumption,…