Every guy has his bros, while very few are proud to say they have a girl best friend. Every girl has her BFF, while very few even think it’s worth having a guy best friend.If you are one of the few, then this is an article you all can relate to. If you can think of more such things, put it down in the comments below 🙂


  1. You don’t have to put too much effort in dressing up and looking your best like you do around others, ‘coz well, with him it’s all about comfort! Throw on a pair of jammies if you like!
  2. Doesn’t matter whether you have known him for a week, month or year; ‘coz it’ll always seem like you have known each other for centuries.
  3. Every girl will hate you, but that’s ok as long as he’s there on the other end of the line listening to you go on about the bitch at work who foiled your day.
  4. There is absolutely no judgment in a Guy-girl relationship! So you can just spill every dark secret you have and know it’ll be taken to grave and beyond.
  5. You always have a wingman. He’ll sell his own people out and give you trade secrets, just so you can go on a wonderful date with the guy of your dreams. And you’d do the same for him. (Considering you’d ever want to spend time with anyone else)
  6. Everyone will think you are dating, and find it hard to believe that you’re “just friends.”
  7. You’d have fights (food fight, water fight, fork fight), but never an argument with a lot of drama like it is with girls.
  8. He’d sometimes forget you are a girl, until you remind him.
  9. As you keep throwing around a lot of punches, you might find it hard to restrain from behaving that way with the “others.”
  10. He’s probably the only person who’d insult you the most, but when you’re hurt, he’d rush to your side and say the sweetest things in the world to make you smile (and then of course the insults will keep flowing)
  11. You would probably text him all day, all night, and even when you are sitting next to each other (whether or not the “others” are around)
  12. You learn to be real, and find it hard to fake anymore (Faking is a girl thing, and we all know it is a golden rule that all girls live by)
  13. Suddenly everyone begins to tell you that you have become an awful lot meaner than before.
  14. You never have to watch what you eat and can totally enjoy your Carb-fat-rich meal whenever you want to. Chances are, he will eat most of it off your plate.
  15. We all do crazy and embarrassing things all the time. He would probably laugh at you when you trip and fall, but immediately do something more ridiculous so you don’t have to be embarrassed alone.
  16. He gets emotional only with you, and it’s totally not weird!
  17. He’s your Honest Critic. When he gives you an opinion, you know it is true and you’ll almost always take his advice.
  18. He will be your bodyguard as you are his. So if someone messes with either one of you, they have the other to answer to.
  19. You would have a blast laughing at everyone else, and eavesdropping on other girl-girl and guy-guy conversations, trying to understand how people can be so ridiculous.
  20. Sometimes you’d wish he gave you some girl time, but you know you’d be lost even if you spent an hour without him.
  21. It’s not about the fact that he’s your Guy best friend. It’s all about being best friends, not worrying about being a guy or a girl, and living comfortably in your own little world of transparency, fun, stupidity, and love.