As food lovers, one of our main concerns is how to order the right dish at a restaurant. We do tend to dine out on a daily basis, and it would help to have a pocket guide to ease the process and ensure that we have the best dish regardless of where we go. Look no further. Here’s your 5-step solution to order at a restaurant like a pro in less than 5 minutes.

  1. Read reviews before you go

    Do your homework. Dig up Zomato or blogs, and look for recommended dishes at the restaurant before you go. This ought to give you an idea about what is good to order.

  2. Ask for the specials

    Talk to your waiter about the specials for the day, and request them to recommend a dish to narrow down your choices. In my experience, most restaurants push the least performing dishes as the specials. Beware of this practice, listen carefully, view the description to ensure it is not too weird and then proceed with your selection.

  3. Skip the basic options

    Almost every restaurant will have basic dishes across various cuisines. Skip these options as they may or may not maintain quality. For example, tomato soup could taste like ketchup at one restaurant, while somewhere else, it could simply be rasam. Very rarely you will find a place that prepares a good soul-warming version of this dish.

  4. Stick to the cuisine

    My family and friends often do this even after repeatedly warning them against it. Don’t order pizza at a South Indian restaurant. Order what the restaurant is popular for instead of getting disgruntled and running in a rant on Zomato over something that is not even their strength.

  1. Now you have a shortlist

    Once you are done with the elimination, you have the final list of choices that will guarantee best dishes for every course.

Are you ready to order at a restaurant in 5 minutes?