Do you fall asleep on time? Do you feel tired when you wake up every morning? Does it take sleeping pill to get your night’s rest? Your brain will get too tired if it continues working this hard to keep you awake. So, what can you do? Counting sheep works only in cartoons when Tom or Jerry have almost nothing to worry about. Check out these amazing tips that can help you fall asleep faster every night, and wake up feeling refreshed.

Keep the room cool
Have you noticed how winter makes you drowsy? Bring winter to your room by turning down the temperature. If it helps, take a cold shower in the night to relax and wash away the stress of the day. The cold is bound to help you curl under those sheets into a deep slumber.

Keep a journal
A worried mind brooding over the happenings of the day can stop you from getting your sleep. Dump all your feelings into a journal – paper, blog or vlog. It should help you de-stress and relive your mind from any burden. This activity will certain help you sleep better.

Take a walk
Some jumping jacks or a walk around the neighborhood should flood your system with endorphins that can help you drift into a state of blissful sleep. Alternatively, you can also schedule your workout routine towards the evening. The exhaustion will help you get some great sleep even on a stressful day.

Follow a routine
Create a schedule that you can follow every day. Your body gets accustomed to a certain biological clock. Go to bed at the same time every day, even if you cannot fall asleep immediately. Over a week, you will be able to sleep at your chosen time, just like at a push of a button.

Turn off those bright gadget screens
Smartphone hangovers are trending today among people who text until they fall asleep, and wake up feeling heavy in the head. The bright screens affect your eyes as you squint through the darkness. Furthermore, gaming or watching movies into the night cause increased brain activity that interferes with the hormone production. Whether it is television, laptop, tab or phone, turn the gadgets off at least half an hour before you go to bed.

Instead, listen to some peaceful music or read a book. If nothing works, pick up some boring study material. Sleep will hit you like a bus!