So I am, that being, 

May be liked, may be loved,
Mostly despised,
My actions, my words,
My responsibilities, True.
Impact on you, Effect please may I?
Not my Bad, No thank you.
Who I like, You or he,
Among quite a few,
May be just one or two,
My choice, My will,
Not yours to take,
Not yours to make.
The world in my eyes,
Different from what you see,
I neither accept nor deny,
How you breathe.
I allow myself,
Within reason to doubt,
Hear you out, Contemplate,
Change my view.
Happens rarely,
So don’t you flaunt,
Arrogance spouting,
You will only fall down.
I may be too vain,
Haughty if you may,
So I am, that being,
Like or Love me if you might,
Despise me? I do not care.