Shruti Suresh

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I’m a writer/blogger from Bangalore, India. Passion has taught me great lessons over the years, the most important being, “Do what you love, and you’ll be the happiest person you know.” Writing is my passion, and through that I have been able to discover and come to terms with many truths in life.

Consider me one of you. A passerby on the street as you make your way to work every Monday morning. I may even be the person sitting at the next table while you are sipping a cup of good coffee at the neighborhood cafe. I’m just someone who’s encountering the same situations the world throws at all of us. There are have been instances when epiphanies have jumped out of articles that I have read off the Internet. I figured, I could return the favor to someone who’s looking for a fresh perspective like I was, by sharing my own experiences.

These random musings are derived from my life as human, family, student, writer, friend, employee and entrepreneur. I hope I can dish out a variety of perspectives and also wish you find these reads entertaining.

“Life is all about perspective. If you look at it very carefully, there is only one order that seems unchanged.
What You Do Becomes You.”

Happy read!