Lately I have been meeting the kind of people who say “I don’t need anyone”. The more I listen to them saying that, the more I feel someday they are gonna scream out loud for help. Everybody needs somebody! That’s like a natural law. Why else would a human be called a social animal?? Why do social institutions exist? If you miss a bus, you’ll need a cab. If you scrape your knee, you’ll need a nurse. If you fall sick, you need someone to take care of you. Again, I say everybody needs somebody. 
However, there are certain people whose ego is as big as their fat head. All they care about is themselves. Narcissists. Who can love themselves more than a couple can love each other. Now these are the people who are focused on their ambition so much that they trample on all the those who love them, as they run towards their dreams. I’m not saying dreams are bad or aiming for dreams is bad. I’m saying disregarding everyone you have just so that you can be happy when you get what you want is bad. That won’t be true happiness for there won’t be anyone for you to share it with. If one tops an exam they’d want to tell someone else “I did it!!” Unfortunately for the ego maniacs I’m talking about, nobody will be around to share joy with. 
Its not just a question of joy. Suppose in your pursuit of dreams, you fail, you fall, you need someone to catch you. Otherwise you hit the ground and crack your skull. Wow, that would drain some of their brain which might prove useful! Not to be sadistic, but seriously if that happens then it would be awesome and awful at the same time. In times of misery, you’d want someone to sit next to you hold your hand and say “Its okay! I’m here. Its gonna be alright.” Those magical words give you mental strength to face the problem you have and to solve it. Instead if someone says “Get over it! Everyone has problems. Just search for a solution and move ahead!”, you’ll feel two things – One. You’ll drown deeper into misery. And two, you’d wanna punch the person for saying this. Honestly, when someone is in need of a person to hold them together, if you can’t do it stay away. Yes one always has to do what is right. But the right thing is certainly not pushing a person off the cliff while they are hanging at the end of it. The right thing is to just be there for someone in need.
Time of need is time of need. Dude! Its now or never! If you can be nice, be there, if you can’t then stay away. Just don’t make it worse.
Anyway, coming back to the extraordinary people I was talking about, their total disregard of other people’s feelings will sure win them their dream. But then when they receive their trophy and turn towards the crowd to give their speech of gratitude (which probably would be “I am the sole cause for my victory”), the crowd will not be there. There won’t be applause. There won’t be camera flashes. There won’t be a background score. 
That’s when the song plays in your mind:
Ring a ring o’ Roses,
A Pocket full of Posies,
A-tishoo, A-tishoo
And we all fall down!
No matter what, bad times or good times, there’ll come a day when you need someone. We always need someone to help us up. As said before, we are social animals, And we all fall down!