We are constantly enhancing our physical appearance with makeup, hairstyles, piercings and tattoos. While all these are reversible changes, plastic surgery is a choice that is irreversible. It is an attractive option to those who have spent decades hating a certain aspect of their body. However, just to make sure you really want to go through with it, here are a few pros and cons listed out.

I Love My Face!

Not everyone can be Scarlett Johansson, with a perfect face and body that appeals to every eye. Some of us have a larger nose or one that is almost invisible. And then, there are those wrinkles and bags that make us look older than we really are, or want to be. Plastic surgery is an option that will give you the body you always wanted. It improves your self-esteem by helping you feel more attractive. When you begin to love your body, you love yourself, and there’s nobody who can destroy your self-confidence.

Pop! Goes that pimple

Sometimes, a lot of skin aberrations are caused due to infections, developmental issues, trauma, and accidents. These aberrations are hard to live with, and quite obvious to the eye. Plastic surgery repairs these damages erasing those marks as if they never existed. Such marks on the body often tend to reduce confidence affecting other areas of life. A successful surgery will leave you feeling quite confident and help you improve your life.

I don’t want it, I need it

Certain physical problems result from morphology. For example, a child with heavy eyelids would have problems with vision. Similarly, a woman with heavy breasts could face with severe back pain. In such cases, plastic surgery, like eyelid lift or breast reduction, can aid in reducing and eliminating the problem.

I don’t know if I can afford it

Most insurances do not cover plastic surgeries, and they are among one of the most expensive minor surgeries in the world. Before you decide to go ahead, make sure there’s enough in your bank account or you will be left with a serious debt.

After the knife

Although it is like a minor surgery, there will be a lot of cutting going on to reshape your body. It is risky, and you will have to stay at home for many days to  recuperate. There will be swelling, bruising, and a lot of pain after the surgery that can last for weeks after the surgery. If there are any complications during the surgery, it could lead to permanent nerve damage, muscle paralysis, infections, chronic pain, scarring, and more.

Probably not what you wanted

You probably would not know what you look like until you recover. Sometimes, you may expect too much and end up disappointed. Many believe that plastic surgery will make you look beautiful. However, beauty is subjective, and even if the surgery was successful, you might still end up to despise your looks.

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DocTree: Best Price Quotes on Surgeries and Consultations

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