For a food lover, there couldn’t be a better gift than a complimentary meal. Earlier this month I received an envelope from Zomato with a wonderful surprise in it – a complimentary brunch for two at any of the places listed on Co-sponsored by CitiBank, this exciting gift had me waiting for the Sunday when I’d be digging into one of the most fabulous spreads in the town at Sheraton’s own, Bene.

B:Brunch is Bene’s new offering, which has attracted a lot of people in past month. It showcases the two most loved cuisines from the two most popular restaurants in town, both under Sheraton’s umbrella – Bene and Persian Terrace. With a lavish spread of Italian and Mediterranean treats the brunch showcases everything ranging from a cheese platter, to a large selection of salads, an unlimited bar counter, live main course section and of course, the mouthwatering display of desserts. B: Brunch also features live music in its outdoor seating section which enhances the serene breezy ambiance.

We went in a little late, when they were almost winding up. But the staff were extremely accommodating and held the buffet a little longer for the day. What’s a Sunday brunch without a Sangria? Especially, one that was whipped up just for us, full of body and fruity flavors, a sip of which set the mood for a gluttonous afternoon.

Red Wine Sangria B: Brunch at Bene Sheraton Bangalore
Red Wine Sangria

As is custom, we started with the healthy salads, dips with pita, and a few cottage cheese grills. B:Brunch has a large spread of salads that I have ever seen in Bangalore. This includes both cold and warm salads that reflect both Mediterranean and Continental influences. The veg course showcased Insalata Caprese, Insalata funghi, Marinated chickpeas with oven dried tomatoes, Roasted pumpkin with cipollini onions, Grilled eggplant with roasted pepper and crumbled ricotta, Broccoli and haricot beans marinated with mustard mayonnaise.

The Lebanese platter of Mezzes and salads Hummus, Lebanese potatoes, Babaganoush, pita bread, were all quite enjoyable. We especially adored the Cottage cheese skewers marinated with pesto from the live counter that were served sizzling hot.

Sheraton Bangalore Melon Mocktail B: Brunch at Bene
Watermelon Cooler
Pan Appletini B: Brunch at Bene Sheraton bangalore
Pan Appletini

As I strolled to get a sense of the entire menu, I did notice a colorful display of vodka shots that were fun to gulp down. The bartender was kind enough to create a special drink for the afternoon, Pan and Appletini. He also created a fresh watermelon mocktail to usher in the summer.

Chaffers on the brunch included Soft polenta, Corn on the cob, Tegame di verdure, Spinach Cannelloni. There was also Ash e jo Zuppa, Veggie skewer, Zereshk polo and Bagali polo with Gheimeh Badanjan (veg). I wanted to save some space for the main course and desserts, so I skipped over this part of the meal.


When it was time for the main course, we were pleasantly greeted by a good looking thin crust Pizza Margherita. While the flavor was satisfying, it was quite rubbery in its texture. The blue feeling was short-lived as the chefs cooked up custom Mixed Sauce Pasta for us from the live counter all from homemade ingredients. This was the best dish of the day. There was an exceptional method in the cooking of pasta, balance of flavors, ingredients and portions. It certainly showcased the specialty of Bene and was the best pasta I have had till date in Bangalore.

As we licked the bowl clean, we knew it was time for hauling in the desserts. They were beautifully displayed, not to mention were an eclectic selection of treats that would satisfy any kind of dessert lover.

For the chocolate fanatic, there was Chocolate pudding, Black forest gateaux, Tiramisu, Chocolate Pastry, Mud Cake, Duet of Chocolate and Live Soufflé. There are some people who prefer a fruity treat, and they would probably be pleased with Fresh fruit gateaux, Fresh fruit tart, Vanilla and blueberry bavaroise, Kiwi parfait, Berry crumble and Mango mousse. If you love the classics, then B:Brunch has on its tray Carrot cake, Almond glaze cake, Basboosa, Walnut Cake and Ice cream with condiments.

Service is undoubtedly exceptional at Bene, so is the ambiance. Persian Terrance and Bene both have a great cuisine. If you are in for a brunch, you could enjoy the pool at the end of the terrace and Sheraton’s pride, the parrot garden. It is indeed a beautiful place, a tad heavy on the pocket but the experience is totally worth it.

At the end of all that, the cheerful staff might probably come by your table and ask,”Would you care for some tea?” I’d say, it’d be a miracle if I could move and make my way out after all that food.

Thank you for a wonderful time and the meal B:Brunch at Bene, SundayBrunch, CitiBank and Zomato. Looking forward to visiting Bene and Persian Terrace for an a-la-carte experience.

Rosé sauce Veg Pasta B: Brunch at Bene Sheraton Bangalore
Rosé sauce Veg Pasta