A note of sound,
When a baby is born,
The crying, Its like you’ve finally found,
A reason to live for, a reason to breathe,
A reason to smile, at those tiny little feet.

When the worlds are waging
A war everyday,
These tiny angels bring peace on their way,
To the angry winds and roaring lions,
They can work miracles with just little smiles.

Its the best thing that can happen to you,
To have a baby in the household, or vicinity too,
For their power is nothing compared to their size,
They are just as naughty as little mice.

Don’t just take me for what I’m saying,
Try to challenge yourself,
You’ll end up paying,
Try to stay with a straight face with a baby around,
You’ll find a poet like me can never be wrong!

🙂 Just for all those babies out there. They are the
most beautiful things in the world, This statement
too you can’t deny.