Happy New Year everyone and welcome back! If you are thinking these wishes are a month late, I have an explanation. All these years it’s been easy to be excited about the dawn of a new year on December 31st and carry the fervour to January 1st. This enthusiasm lasts for a week at the most and dies down until everyone gets back to monotony.

Well, for once I opted for a trial period before I got into the frenzy of 2017 is the best thing that can ever happen to you. Guess what? Turns out it is going to be a great year, if you choose to give it a chance. Every day is a new day with the chance to completely close the book on whatever has happened so far, write it off as a past that has much to teach you but will not interfere with your present.

Grab that pen, and start writing in a new book with fresh blank pages waiting to be filled with new adventures, stories of happiness, excitement, intriguing people,  scintillating experiences and maybe a few important lessons that make a better you. 

January was the time for retrospection. Now it is time to remember. This is a new year! If you haven’t made a list of resolutions do it now, at least one to bring a positive change in your life. Trust me, keep the enthusiasm alive by looking into the mirror every day and telling yourself that today is another chance to do something different, to be whoever you want, to get past whatever has been holding you back.