Its not bragging if its true.” ― Sara Shepard

These words remain true for BYLI. Bet You Love It! They chose a well-deserved name for a restaurant. If you bet against it, you will lose.

Kammanahalli is a sea of restaurants that sprung up out of what seems like thin air in just a couple of years. Some fade away, never to return again, and some (it could be the mind’s work) disappear only to bring back a few more with it when it reappears like those grey hair myths. In one of those restaurant crowded Kammanahalli streets is this little cafe called BYLI otherwise known as Bet You Love It. Maybe it is reverse psychology that does the trick. The moment you hear the name, you are persuaded to try it out just to prove them wrong. You would probably go, “Oh Really? You think you are so good that you can impress me?” Step in, and prepare to be amazed. They had you when you heard the name. You are sold my friend.

Pom-Berry Bellini BYLI Bangalore Bet You Love It
Pom-Berry Bellini
Cafe Roche BYLI Bangalore Bet You Love It
Cafe Roche

It may look like small space, but the creativity spilled into the interiors makes it so special. An indoor and outdoor seating, dark wood furniture, beautiful hanging lamps, a decorative outdoor water fountain by the tables to keep the atmosphere cool while cranking up the ambiance, and finally walls splayed with typography that screams QUIRK. Reading these will keep you occupied until your food arrives. You may even be so distracted by your surroundings that you might even forget to order. I know I was.

We went around lunch time (drove for over an hour to get there), so we didn’t get to experience the breakfast menu that BYLI is popular for.

Oreo Cookie Fudge Brownie Medley BYLI Bangalore Bet You Love It
Oreo Cookie Fudge Brownie Medley
Berry Blast BYLI Bangalore Bet You Love It
Berry Blast

However, the rest of their menu looked just as exciting, and it was just as difficult to choose as they all sounded good. We started off with a few drinks to chill before the starters came in. Pom-Berry Bellini (Pomegranate syrup sweet & sour, ginger ale), Berry Blast (Blended strawberry, raspberry, blueberry and any berry you can think of), Cafe Rosh (Freshly brewed coffee blended with icecream and spiked with cinnamon cream), and Oreo Cookie & Fudge Brownie Medley (You know what’s in it).

The Pom-Berry Bellini is one of their specials, and was a drink I saved it till the end to savor every bit as it was definitely the best! All drinks come in tall glasses. I also loved the Cafe Rosh, even if I am not a fan of cinnamon. It is a drink to crave for. If you are a person with a small appetite, beware of the portions.

The starters came in back-to-back crowding the table and filling our bellies. The BYLI Hummus and Pita platter has been the best I have had until today, ever. Lately I have been trying a lot of it, since it’s quite light and healthy. The Hummus has a hint of garlic and paprika to spice it up, and a little olive oil to blend in those flavors. The pita bread was extremely soft and so well done that it literally melted in my mouth. I did feel like fighting off a fellow blogger for a last bite.

The Veg Platter had a few portions of Mozzarella in Carrozza (Melted mozzarella enveloped in crispy slices of farmers bread and served with pesto, mint apple dip and salsa huancaina), BYLI Style Potato (Hot and crunchy potatoes tossed in rosemary, garlic and salt, with cilantro aioli), Herb Garlic Bread, Baked Potato Skins, and Moroccan Fried Mushroom (Button mushrooms marinated in Moroccan spice and crumb fried, served with cocktail and huancaina). They were all quite enjoyable, especially with the huancaina dip.

I wonder how we made it through the mains, for by this time, we were almost full. Graciously, the manager brought us over a beautiful looking pan of Pizza Georgios (Tomato, cheese, black olives, green and yellow peppers, spring onions, semi-dried tomato, herbs, garlic and feta cheese). It was picture perfect, sizzling hot, and absolutely delicious. No it was not a wood-fired pizza, and yet, this thin crust oven baked slice was much better than 90% of the wood-fired slices we have had before. It crunched like it should, the cheese melted like it should and the sauce was finger-licking delicious, made from scratch!

By the time my most favorite plates came in, I was stuffed. Just looking at got me all pumped up to try. Bonded S&M Sisters (Stuffed Ravioli, spinach and ricotta cheese, roasted bell pepper and zucchini, with cacciatore sauce) came with silky smooth raviolis with vegetables that played a tangy spicy medley with the sauce. Gnocchi Nepolitana (Potato Gnocchi, rich tomato sauce, fresh pesto) was a beautiful dish with soft melt-in-the-mouth gnocchi with a fresh sauce that had a homemade touch to it. The Chef also surprised us with a Creamy Curry Pasta Primavera which was a refreshing delicious taste for the senses.

To finish the main course, we had a good bowl of Thai Red Curry with Rice. It was both comforting and delicious like any good Asian meal!

Hold on just for a little while, I’m wrapping up with the desserts. Walk up to the dessert counter and let your eyes soak in the beauty, let your mouth salivate, let your heart draw you towards the dessert it wants to devour. Whatever it is, I bet you’ll like it. 🙂

As for us, we were barely able to move, so the desserts came to us. And you bet we loved it!