Try to cut an onion without tearing up. Can you do it? Then what makes you think you have a chance against strong emotions?

There are so many people who think to cry is a weakness. People who cry are dramaqueens/kings, who are just trying to weasel out of a situation, or don’t know how else to communicate, or are most certainly guilty of something. It’s not always like that. Maybe some people use tears as a defense mechanism to weasel out of responsibility, but on the whole, its a physical and mental defense mechanism to protect the body and mind. Tears protect the eyes from dust and dirt. Tears roll down when someone is hurt.

I was at the playground, lazing by the slide,
He stood looking the other way, and took a step back,
I was in his path, didn’t have time to get out,
And before I knew it, I was wincing in pain.

He had stepped on my foot Mama
With his big boy boots
I know he didn’t mean to, neither did I
Those tears started rolling as my pinky felt pain
I didn’t make them come, I couldn’t stop them now.

He turned around looking at me clutching my foot
Said, “Don’t be such a cry baby, you little drama queen!”
I didn’t understand Mama, I swear I wouldn’t feign
It hurts and I cry, I thought it was a natural thing.

I can never forget that day, I was so excited
Daddy was coming home for the holidays
I missed not having him around, not hugging him tight
I was running around the house trying to make everything look right.

Aunt M came up to me with a glaring look she said,
“You wouldn’t be doing this if he didn’t bring you presents”
He is my father Mama, how could she even think that of me?
The tears, they came, and those dreadful words followed
“Oh you cry when you are caught, you devil! Don’t be such a drama queen.”

Through the years, as I grew up,
I tried my best to hold them back
Every time I was hurt or feeling helpless,
I’d bite my lip so hard that it’d bleed
But these emotions always defied me,
Even though I was taught to keep them in.

If it’s alright to laugh, why isn’t it alright to cry, Mama?
They say my tears make me weak, and they are strong
But, in truth, shutting it in will shatter me to pieces
And I’m only getting stronger by letting it out.

Tell them I cry, not for their attention, not to escape, and definitely not because I’m the criminal,
But because my heart breaks and my mind weeps so loud that I can’t breathe sometimes!
I try to explain, I try to scream, I try to show them every way I can
They don’t want to hear me, they don’t even want to see!

When I’m bound in a little box, with no way out
How else can I express my emotions, than to just cry out?
Once it’s out there, my mind becomes clear,
If someone’s heard me, they’d help me out of here
If not, well, I can totally focus on Plan B
For the noise is gone, the pain subdued, and I finally have some clarity.

This is for the A to Z Blog Challenge.