“No way I’m eating rice matey! I’m on a diet and that means, no carbs for the next few months!”

Are you one of these people who think that carbohydrates are bad for your weight? Do you stay away from the delicious plates of pasta, potatoes, rice and bread just so you do not put on extra pounds? Well you may just be wrong with your logic.

You see, extra calories lead to extra weight. It doesn’t really matter where you get those calories from. Carbs on their own are not high in calories, it is the fat that we cook carbs with that make them a dreaded meal to diet-friendly people. Whether it is potato or pasta, it is the butter or cheese that we add to get the extra rich flavor that makes the dish a high calorie food.


When you go off carbs, it automatically cuts down the calorie content that is contributed by butter, ghee, and oil that is used to cook those carbs to delicious perfection. This is turns allows you to lose pounds in no time. Most carbohydrate-rich foods like whole-grains, wheat breads, brown rice and more are actually low in fat while also being high in fiber. All high fiber foods take longer to digest, thus burning more calories in the process. They also keep us feeling full, reducing overeating that causes weight gain.


The Angelic Carbs


Just because you have learned that carbs are good doesn’t mean you dive deep into a bowl of Alfredo Pasta. Moderate your diet with high-fiber carbs like brown rice, brown bread, multigrain cereals, wholegrain pasta, and potatoes cooked with the skin, and a whole range of wholegrain foods. Unprocessed carbs are the best choice for weight loss as they have vitamins, minerals are more nutrients while compared to their processed counterparts.

Remember to stay away from the fat as much as you can, as they will stay forever on your hips. Even if you do opt for fats, go with Saturated fats or Omega-3s rather than trans-fats.