Stop thinking dirty! This is really the name of an old Roald Dahl scripted musical if you don’t remember. It doesn’t have much in common except for a live-entertainment focused concept, art on the walls inspired by the movie, and industrial decor that reminded me of Caractacus Potts’ inventions.

For those of you who knew I have been away from Bengaluru for a while, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang was my christening after a long hiatus from the food scene. It is in Koramangala right near the Sony World Signal next to Serafina – a rooftop bar that enjoys Bengaluru breeze, honks, rush hour crowd, and a great location.

Courtesy: Zomato
Courtesy: Zomato

At the first look

In the middle of the gastropub, there’s a raised platform with plush leather sofas, perfect for a large group. Along the balcony facing the street are barstools with tables and along the walls are regular straight-backed chairs with tables. On the mezzanine level is an area for live entertainment. The bar is out of the way and at the back of all action.

I liked the space, chose a two-seater near a corner for a good view of the mezzanine. Regardless of how crowded it is, you can always have some private time with your friend(s).

The Mixology Magician

I was stunned to discover that the mixologist here has never had alcohol in his life. He creates the cocktails based on the aroma, and that’s how they have perfect balance, taste so good, and quite potent too. Don’t forget to grab Hot City to pair with your starters, a glass of gin with sliced red chillies, apple syrup and lime juice. I’d suggest Don Punch for dessert, a martini glass of black and white rum, milkmaid and chocolate curlicues. While you could have a Day Walker, a potion of whiskey and Hershey’s chocolate, Recall Memory or Passion Village if you prefer something sweet as you chill to the beats of the live entertainment for the evening.

Everything on the drinks menu is reasonably priced and is bound to suit your palate. In fact, the mixologist will attend you if required and suggest a drink based on your preference of alcohol.

Small Bites


Pair your alcohol with a plate of Stuffed Mushrooms, Veg Bruschetta (Tomatoes and Eggplant) or Panzerroti (filling of spinach garlic and ricotta) and you will be all set for the first course.

The real deal


You could celebrate a vegetarian food festival with thin crust Primavera Veg Pizza, a rich Arborio Beetroot Risotto, and my favorite, Aglio Olio Veg Pasta. The winner was the pasta, and if you are counting calories during this course then you should simply just snap a picture for Instagram.

The sweet stuff


Dessert took its time to grace us. Meanwhile, we enjoyed the Sufi music for the evening by Sriram Ravishankar, Vaishnavi Adiga, Pungi Ranganathan, Gautham Nayak, Rahul Shivakumar & Shivaraj. The rich Chocolate Brownie with ice cream rendered me speechless for a moment before the sugar overload hit.

With alcohol, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang could cost about Rs, 2500 – Rs. 3000 for two. It is a great place to unwind and hosts several live acts across genre including standup comedy, music, Bollywood nights and more.

Goodtimes awaits you, don’t put it off for long.