Dear Samsung,

My first mobile was a Nokia. Don’t get offended. It refused to die, so I had to throw it in a puddle behind my college and pretend like I lost it so my father would buy me the new Samsung. Unfortunately, he bought me another Nokia. Well, this one wasn’t as strong as the last one, it gave out very soon under the pressure of being my phone, and soon after, or should I say, finally, I got my very first Samsung. I still remember how it felt to have my first touchscreen (which still works BTW). Soon, like every other kid, I got bored of the phone and graduated to Galaxy as soon as you brought it out in the market. The Duos became a hand-me-down and went to my mom, who you won’t believe used it until last year.

The Galaxy was a humble friend who wasn’t as fancy as the rest of the phones in the market, yet I was satisfied with its features. It had it’s own ups and downs, regardless of which, I cherished it and used it well. As time passed, it was time to own a new phone and the old Galaxy made its way to my father’s hand, while I received another phone as a gift. It was an HTC. Maybe it was never meant to be, it broke pretty soon, and that paved way for the gift that was Galaxy s7 Edge to make its way to me.

I have seen the news, I have heard experiences, and I refuse to give up on this brand. I refuse to give up on my phone. I love the camera. I love the sound. I like how my phone responds to even a feather-like touch. I see how far you have come from the Duos, and appreciate the learning curve. I see that customer satisfaction has been your priority and with every product release you have incorporated feedback unlike several other brands. I’d rather have an Edge over any other mobile in the market. They may mock, they may laugh, they may conjure stories, but everyone knows that mistakes happen and that’s no reason to blacklist a brand.

My only concern is with your customer care. They don’t seem to really care about customers. I had to really struggle to fix an issue with my phone, and furthermore to pay for it. Still, Samsung, I don’t think you are the perp. You are obviously being victimized by people trying to profit from your fall. It’s only fair that you know about it before losing whatever loyal customers you had left.

I hope you can fix whatever is wrong with your system, Samsung.

The Loyalist.