Hi, my name is Drew Smith, and I’m a Screw. Yes I know how it sounds, Drew the Screw. Laugh all you want now because this story isn’t all comical like me. It’s going to take time to narrate, so stay with me.

Humans are all builders aren’t they? Genius products of evolution, always hacking at something new because it pricks the butt to sit still and do nothing. Don’t take me wrong, I think it is highly commendable if you keep yourself occupied even when you are 90 instead of declaring yourself as a retired citizen and living off welfare. Animals don’t get a break do they? Each one of them, plants even work till their dying breath to survive. So why shouldn’t humans? The thing is, you guys have this meddlesome quality of dragging other people down and use them as building blocks in your little projects. Take my story for example.

(to be continued)