The world has a whole lot of expectations. It is probably what causes pain, tears, joy, laughter, peace, war, life and death.

Expectations. For some, it is quite simple to fulfill. A goal with a path neatly outlined. For some others, it looks like a giant mammoth charging down their path waiting to squish them under its big foot if they fail to do its bidding. It is not restricted to humans. Feed a few birds outside your house everyday, and you’ll find them flocking around a few weeks later waiting for you to come out. It is the same with your pet. It is wired into our brains and woven around emotions. It does not have a direct switch and not easy to turn off. It is certainly not an action of habit.

Still, ever since history has been documented, expectations have always made its mark changing the normal way of things. We have a tendency to expect more of the universe and often end up disappointed. Regardless of how many times we suffer this disappointment, we continue to hope for a positive result, and never learn to lower the goals. This is what causes rifts in relationships, cracks in self-confidence, resentment with life choices and maybe bitterness towards everything we are fond of.

If you look back, you’ll see that this is true for a relationship between parent-child, lovers, husband-wife, employer-employee, or just any person and something he does. So do we have to just stop expecting? No! That would be impossible. What is possible is for you to understand is that you are a part of the same cycle. You are also probably disappointing someone else by not living up to their expectations. But that’s not a crime. It is after all your life. You can’t live according to someone else’s rule. You can love someone your way, live life your way. It is impossible to please everyone all the time. So even if you decide to please your loved one, it could only happen for a short period. After that, you’d have to get back to taking care of things your way.

It is alright to expect, it is not alright to blame the universe or a person if things don’t go by your expectations. You don’t run the world. You can only control your mind and with that control how you are affected by the ways of the world.

This is for the AtoZ Challenge.