14th March 2015, Saturday: Food Bloggers’ Meet, Kulfi Nation

Barbeque Nation is a brand that needs no recommendation or introduction. It is the most popular stop for those looking for the finest grills in town. The unanimous choice for corporate or social celebrations, BBQ Nation has always exceeded expectations in delivering high quality food, service and ambiance. So, why am I writing about it?

In November 2014, Barbeque Nation added a delectable offering to its extravagant buffet – Kulfi Nation. The BBQ giant is known to experiment with its menu much to the customers’ delight every now and then. It finally settled on introducing India’s most adored dessert as a permanent part of its unlimited buffet. Not many of you know that do you?

Walk into any BBQ Nation across Bengaluru and you will find a little Kiosk with a colorful background adorned by topping filled jars. You can choose to start your meal with a dessert or secretly gobble down a Kulfi between starters or even dive into the Kulfi bar after devouring the buffet.


With 6 flavors of Kulfi, 10 dry toppings, 6 wet toppings and 7 crushes, Kulfi Nation offers a stunning 800 flavor combinations that can blow your mind. If you are unsure about the combinations, try the Chef’s recommendations. They are feast-worthy indeed.

We began our evening with an introduction from Chef Praveen Gonsalves. He explained the idea behind Kulfi Nation and the adoration for street food in India, including the love for DIY. Furthermore, he went into the science behind the flavor combinations. Kulfi is considered as “hot food” meaning it produces heat in the body as it is heavily composed of milk. A “cold food” is added as a topping to neutralize that effect, while enhancing the flavor.

The Kulfis come in 6 flavors – Strawberry, Pan, Mango, Fig, Malai and Kesar Pista. They all taste so fresh like the ingredients themselves. The sweetness is amplified when topped with Rabadi, and of course, the other toppings make magic.

As for the flavor combos, I loved the Pan-flavored with Gulkand and sprinkles. A bite of it in the mouth burst in like fresh and cold sweet pan. it had me going for seconds and thirds.

Kulfi Nation Pan with Gulkand
Pan with Gulkand

The Fig Kulfi tasted exactly like fresh figs. I tried it with two flavor combos – Caramel & Almonds, Chocolate & Choco Sprinkles. It is definitely a must try for everybody.

If you like Malai, I suggest you go with Rabadi, Rose crush and some nuts. It is a piece of heaven.

Kulfi Nation
Malai, Rabdi, Rose Crush and Nuts


The rest of the meal was at BBQ Nation’s best. We loved the Crispy Corn, Achaari Mushroom and Cajun Spiced Potatoes. I didn’t try the buffet in order to save space in my tummy for Kulfis. We also loved the service as the staff who attended to our table was most gracious. Kudos to the manager and the same staff member who made our evening extra special. Thank you for the fresh cut pineapple. We loved it 😉

 Kulfi Nation is included as a part of BBQ Nation’s entire buffet. So, don’t feel shy to dive in. Why don’t you just make a meal out of it? It’s totally worth it!

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