Summer is the perfect time to shake off the winter blues and embrace a whole new version of you. Fashion rules come and go every season, and it is important to stay updated on what to do and not to do this summer. Heed to this young stylist’s advice here advice here, and remember girls: Embrace your own style and have fun experimenting with it this glorious season. 

  1. Thou Shalt Befriend Pastels This Summer

    Global warming hasn’t made it any better for anybody. Stay cool and chic with pastel colors this summer. There are always shades that suit your skin tone. Experiment with floral prints and polkas.

  2. Thou Shalt Love Linen Until Death Parts You

    Linen was known as the fabric for royalty. It keeps you cool during summer and warm during winter. It is also the best fabric to avoid dust and germs from irritating your skin. Stock your closet with linen and cotton clothes.

  1. Thou Shalt Not Over Accessorize

    Nobody likes too much bling. Know when to tone it down.

  2. Thou Shalt Invest in a Good Saree

    A saree is the most versatile costume a girl can wear. It is the most elegant and also the sexiest.

  3. Thou Shalt Embrace Pop Colored Accessories

    Aim for a place between Plain Jane and Sexy Sally. Besides, every outfit needs life. Let your accessories add that vibrancy.

  4. Thou Shalt Accept That an LBD Always Works

    Enough said.

  5. Thou Shalt Always Have In Your Closet, A Crisp White Shirt & Denim Pants

    We have good days and bad days. To turn your bad days into chic days, turn to this commandment.

  6. Thou Shalt Trust a Pair of Black Heels When In Doubt

    Nude heels would do the same as well. If you can’t walk in them, wear wedges or flats.

  7. Thou Shalt Follow What the Mirror Says And How Your Body Feels, Not the Trend

    If you are uncomfortable in what you wear, they can tell. If you are uncomfortable in what you wear, it affects your confidence. So, listen to your body more than you listen to them.

  8. Thou Shalt Think Top To Toe

    Don’t ignore chipped nail paint, split ends, concealer or an earring. Always look at the whole picture.

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