PS: Unfortunately I didn’t have a good camera on me today, so I’m borrowing photographs from various image sources via Google.

For a person who went to the ends of Delhi, Bali, Singapore and UAE in search of the best food, I wrote off restaurants that were far away in Namma Bengaluru probably because time and traffic were daunting factors. Well, destiny came a-calling and I made my way towards Sarjapur all the way from downtown Banashankari today for a good Sunday Brunch at Big Brewsky.

What’s so great about it?

Take a left before MK Retail and before you hit the end of the alley, you’ll find Big Brewsky under the big blue sky on your right side. As I walked in, the stress of the long ride immediately washed away. This felt like a world within a world that makes you forget you are in the city. It is in fact, a getaway gastropub with a large space dedicated to a brewery, live kitchens, a shots station, patisserie, take-away station, three bars, a fish pond, live-band stage, and multiple seating areas. With quirky decor coupled with natural vibes, Big Brewsky has the freshness you need to envelop you after a week of hunching over your desk or breathing Co2 at every signal.

Courtesy: various image sources

It was fully packed for the Sunday brunch, and a part of the seating area was utilized for lining up the brunch buffet. A live band was entertaining the audience that was seated around the pond, all over the galleries, and behind the bar. There were no empty chairs including the bar stools, and people were willing to wait their turn for a table to clear up.

I caught a place by the bar and got a glimpse of the menu for the day. They had packages for the brunch, with and without alcohol with competitive prices, perfect for friends, family and team outings. The surprising thing about Big Brewsky is the kind of people it attracts. There were college students, colleagues from a team, families with children, families with grandparents, and even couples. Ever so rarely do we see a gastropub environment suitable for people across all age groups! This is probably happening because of the open ambiance, resort-ish feel, and an age-friendly menu that Big Brewsky offers.

What’s on the menu?

Drinks including a variety of cocktails, mocktails and of course Big Brewsky’s own range of brews. I enjoyed the Flavor of True Love Cocktail (Vodka, Apple Juice, Watermelon flavored with Elderflower) that came with melon balls flavored with elderflower. It was a subtle yet flavorful cocktail, a good pick for a hot afternoon. 

There was a lot on the food menu including Salads, Breads, Kale Channe ki Tikki, Beetroot Falafel, Veg Nuggets in Black pepper Sauce, Cucumber Maki, Veg Calfornia Maki, Veg Gyoza, Salads, Pizza, Pasta, Pav Bhaji, Chaat, Indian breads and Gravies, Stir Fried Veg in Scallion Sauce, Jade Noodles, Steamed rice and more. Some were served up at the live stations while others were available at the buffet line up. I was quite confused by the variety and went for a plate of Maki and Gyoza which were satisfactory. I also tried the Jade Noodles with Asian vegetables and steamed rice with some good old Indian gravy. I loved the spicy flavor in the noodles and vegetables, as well as the richness of the gravy. I was a little concerned about the food on the buffet line getting cold.

The desserts were lined up on the Shots counter which is really a vintage car, while they were also served up at the live station. On the menu were Chocolate mud pudding, assorted muffins, strawberry mousse, moist orange cake, tres leches, fresh fruit cake, chocolate oreo cake, pineapple creamsickle, lauki ka halwa, gulab jamun, jalebi, waffles and a chocolate fountain. For me, Mud pudding to the win, maybe next time, I should try the waffles and a jalebi.

There is a lot more to try on this Sunday brunch menu. I’m looking forward to going back for more.

What are my thoughts?

It may be too soon for a verdict, as I would like to try Big Brewsky’s a la carte menu and then make up my mind.

  • I love the ambiance. It is pure paradise away from reality even for a day, something I have only come across in restaurants along ECR in Chennai.
  • There is no challenging their mixology or brews when it comes to specials on the list. Whatever you order, you are bound to like it.
  • My only concern is about the food. As far as I can tell, they maintain quality regardless of the quantity across cuisines. However, I know that when someone sees a menu that has so many options, they do tend to get bamboozled and order something that may not be to their liking, ending up a disgruntled customer. Maybe reducing the offerings would solve this issue.
  • Everyone needs an escape from everyday life, and this is it. There is no two ways about it.