A fruitful day


Last Saturday (May 26th), we went to the mango and jackfruit diversity fair held at Indian Institute of Horticulture Research (IIHR) at Hesarghatta in the outskirts of Bangalore. We came to know about it from the article published in The Hindu newspaper. Since our love for both mangoes and jackfruits knows no bounds, how could we miss this opportunity to witness the display of more than 300 varieties of the former and nearly 100 varieties of the latter.



There was an amazing variety of mangoes. So many different shapes and sizes.



There were mangoes as large as papayas.



There were mangoes which looked like avocados.



There were colourful mangoes….


Basically, there were all kinds of mangoes. Some of them were hybrids developed by IIHR itself. Many others were varieties collected and curated from different parts of India and other South Asian countries by IIHR.


And now for the jackfruits…

Again, all kinds of Jackfruits were exhibited. Only an expert horticulturist can differentiate between them.



Some jackfruits had a very tempting bright red flesh. Some people even tried to pry open the plastic to get a taste. If we weren’t such responsible citizens, we would have simply bit through the plastic into the juicy flesh.


Big and small jackfruits…


There were other items on the exhibit too such as paintings, horticulture magazines and journals in english as well as regional languages and organic food items.



Our purchases. Clockwise from top : Coconut flour, roasted sunflower seeds, coconut chutney powder and Jackfruit paapad. We also bought Flaxseed chikki and Niger seed chutney powder (not in the photo).

Unfortunately, the fruits were not for sale so we could not buy mangoes and jackfruits. But we bought some delicious jackfruit pods from the village outside the IIHR campus.

Also, while we there, how could we resist a visit to the hesarghatta lake?! Astonishingly, this lake which was once as dry as stale bread, is now brimming with water due to the recent spate of heavy rains that Bangalore has been receiving.



And ending it all with a panorama


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  1. Wonderful writeup! I hadn’t imagined, and very naively at that, that there would be so many varieties of Jackfruit available in India, having only seen a couple in the city. Also, wonderful Panorama 🙂
    Cheers & keep exploring!

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