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Friends Forever

Hitting every mall in town,
Driving out, in the sun,
Sharing every smile, every frown,
Can’t believe those days are gone.

No matter where we are,
No matter how we live,
No matter how far we go,
We’ll surely meet again,
Till then our hearts will be connected.

I miss those really stupid fights,
Now that we’ve all taken our first flight(away from each other),
I miss those little birthday treats,
Memories bitter and sweet.

No matter where we are,
How we live, How far we go,
The memories remain,
And forever we will stay connected,
Don’t you cry, Don’t you worry,
Just believe, that we’ll surely meet again,
Till then our hearts will be connected,
And we’ll be friends forever.

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1 Response
  • akshay
    May 16, 2009

    its really beautiful….
    by the way whose creation??

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