Photo Credits: The Bon Vivant (Dr. Faraz Ahamed) and Moevenpick Hotel & Spa

You cannot say chocolates without attaching Swiss as a prefix. It is a sin. And who knows to make sinful desserts better than the Swiss themselves? It is a shame that Switzerland isn’t close to Bengaluru, but we do have a small piece of it in the form of Moevenpick Hotel & Resorts.

It is a world within itself, with serene breezy landscape and a colossal architecture that has you stunned for a moment when you step out of your car and into the lobby. My Place is an apt name for a restaurant that feels so much like home with its glass walls through which the sun rays stream in lighting up the atmosphere. With three open kitchens and a bar, My Place offers a lavish buffet spread complete with limitless entrée, main course and dessert along with a selection of beverages served by the most courteous staff. Settle down for a meal with your loved ones as you enjoy the green view away from all the noise of city and lose yourself in the live performances, food and relaxation that Moevenpick often brings with its package.

Everyone loves the desserts at Moevenpick. I have heard so much about the varieties that I had to accept their invite to the frozen dessert making workshop as a part of their promotions for Cakes and Bakes offering led by Chef Rayomund Pardiwalla.


As it is the season of Mangoes, the session began with the making of Mango Sorbet. In a matter of minutes, a fervor of whisking caught the participants and the excitement was hard to resist. Creating a mango sorbet may seem like a simple task, but Chef Rayomund explained the art behind mixing the right proportions and also the order of ingredients. All it takes is sugar, water, glucose and mango puree whisked into a homogenous mixture, and poured into ice trays. The chef added some tips, “You can crush them in a blender, freeze them again, serve like sorbet. You can even use them as ice cubes to flavor your drinks.”


The enthusiasm took over the crowd as the cameras were drawn out to click snaps of the creations and the participants in the aprons and chef’s hats. Soon there was a clinking of a glass as Chef Rayomund tried to reign the crowd back in and focus on the next dessert – Blueberry Cheesecake Pops. Most people have microwave ovens at home, and they may not always be accommodating in creating dishes we love. In such cases a freezer becomes a fast friend. It took hardly under 30 seconds to get the crumble ready, and a few minutes to whisk in the mascarpone, whipped cream, white chocolate and reduced blueberries. It was a race to the finish line with a few accidents along the way that had the crowd laughing. Finally the moulds were filled to the brim as did pride on every face across the room. The prize was a delicious one indeed – cheesecake pops created by the chef himself.


Soon another set of ingredients were brought out to create Frozen Key Lime Pies. Funnily enough, the bloggers kneaded the crumbs into a dough with the cheesecake, and so the Chef took them through an important crumb lesson to make sure they got it right this time. With an eye of a hawk, the chef watched them all as they teased the crumbs with butter and perfected it for the pie. Soon there was whisking of mascarpone, whipped cream, condensed milk and key lime juice. Once the molds were filled, everyone settled on licking the remaining mixture off the bowls commending themselves on doing an excellent job during the amazing session.


For being incredible students, Chef Rayomund treated the guests to the lovely dessert counter for an all-you-can-eat dessert session before the evening ended. After an exchange of selfies the guests stopped for a quick chat with the Moevenpick team in the breezy outdoors. Vinesh Gupta (General Manager), Brahmanand Singh (Sous Chef) and Chef Rayomund shared some intriguing plans about more such events happening across verticals at Moevenpick.

As a cherry on top to an extravagant evening, Vinesh Gupta introduced the guests to The Chocolate Art exhibit that stands near the reception in the lobby. An extraordinary decorative piece that resembles a balance holding an ensemble of chocolates, this exhibit offers a complimentary taste of Swiss chocolates to the hotel guests. A bite is enough to bind you in a spell and have you come back again to its restaurants and cafes craving for more. In our case, we wished that they had taught us how to make it at home.

Moevenpick will soon be launching Cakes and Bakes workshop to make your weekends sweeter. The idea is to bake your cake and eat it too with Chef Raymond Pardiwalla as he introduces you to complex techniques of baking.If you have the time on a Sunday, stop by for a brunch and some of their special treats. Also participate in their dessert workshops, those are a must-experience events!

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