For what seemed to be the hundredth time, she cried out with frustration, “Would you get rid of that table already? We have no place for so much junk!” The house was under renovation, with chaotic mess strewn across the floor from wall to wall. There were boxes marked to be tossed, and those that’d go in the dark storage space under the blue bed. As always, we reached the point where the elephant in the room had no place to hide – an unassuming white table that my father preserved better than he did with my grandfather’s dentures for reasons none of us could ever understand. “This table was given to me by the first company I ever worked for to place the first computer I ever owned. Look at the make of it! It is in perfect condition. 30 years and good as new! Why should I toss it?” raged my father. I shook my head as I looked at my head arguing over a dumb piece of furniture which was not even fulfilling its purpose forgotten in its corner under the weight of unused boxes, a pile of laundry, the telephone wires, modem, and every other junk we had to hide in the house. It was officially the table of trash. Who cares about its perfect condition! I thought to myself. If we could just get rid of it, the space opens itself for possibilities. Art, modern study table, entertainment center, book shelf, couch! If only!

Over the years, I have observed families hoarding furniture, either for its sentimental value or monetary value. Then there are some people who would rather not buy until something breaks. But what if it is not adding value in terms of purpose? With the changing world and evolving technology, a tape recorder would prove quite obsolete even if it works perfectly if you are planning to listen to Zedd’s new album. Similarly, you can’t use an old black and white TV to watch a 2K video. Simply put, when in Roman, live like the Romans. Upgrade yourself to keep up with the world around. This doesn’t mean you have to shed every bit of originality. No. Find a way to adapt the new world to suit your quirks.

About that furniture situation. I realized that we would not be having this problem if it wasn’t so durable or expensive or marketed like a lifetime investment. Maybe that’s why Dad stuck to the idea and voted on keeping it. He was vested in it. If we had another choice then things wouldn’t have been this way. Buying was the only choice, new products or second hand. Either way it meant that we had to stick to our buy for a long time to come.

I’m sure you all hit the mall every month, or browse on Myntra for cool apparel to buy now and then. Let’s say you bought a great skater dress for yourself from the Summer Collection, and you happened to stroll through the mall the next month and caught sight of a new collection. Don’t you have a voice in the head and tug in the tummy that makes you wish you could buy the new one. It happens to everyone with everything they buy, doesn’t have to be apparel. “Oh I wish I had waited a little longer!” “Why didn’t I come to this store before!” “Damn! If I hadn’t spent all my money on buying that one!”

People change constantly, our choices change. What we like today, may not be what we like tomorrow. Sometimes, until a new product arrives in a market, we don’t even know we need or desire for it. That’s the way the industry rolls. It is called disruptive technology. You can’t probably change the fact that you’ll always crave for something more or better when you already have a version of it. What you can do is choose between owning and renting. At least when it comes to expensive products.

You can’t buy new homes every month or renovate them as and when you like, especially with the escalating real estate prices in Bengaluru. But you can choose to rent your dream home (which is bound to change every few years). Why not do the same with furniture? Do you want to sit on the same sofa until you are 80 or 90, and pass it on to your kids when you pass away or rent a different set every year and have fun with the choice on a fraction of your main budget? What’s the point in owning furniture anyway? Are you trying to make it vintage in about hundred years to come? They are not THAT durable you guys. Mass production has stolen magic away, but it certainly has class, mystique, fun, and something very personal about it that appeals to everybody (until an upgrade comes along, of course).


To make your living dream complete, Furlenco, a premium furniture rental company, offers a great range of furniture that you can rent on a monthly basis, swap on a yearly basis and even move easily if you are switching places. With in-house designers who work on understanding these needs of every customer, Furlenco has successfully created a model that would please any Bangalorean, especially if you are frequently moving in and out of homes, or looking to set up a sweet place on a budget.



For singles like students, bachelors and people who probably live in matchbox rooms, they have a range called Amigos that works like a stylish sofa-bed convertible complete with storage space and everything you will need to make sure you don’t get up from your plush royal seat.

For newly weds, they understand how important privacy and oneness is to you lovebirds and so they introduced Mili which is a cozy and thoughtfully designed range that weaves through how you would normally spend time together as a new couple with a touch of freshness, nudge of romance and also some personal space.


For a family, Furlenco digs deep into the heart of India for inspiration on living together to express it in their design. Pico is a range that exudes warmth and joy by bringing you together as a family for all activities creating a contemporary living experience.


They rent home appliances and also have soft furnishings under the brand name. You’d be surprised to see that the packages are all designed to start from Rs 4,800/month for a complete 1BHK. Take a look for yourself HERE

So… Tell me now. What do you think we should do with that white table? Toss it or Keep it? And, how do you think I could convince my parents to rent furniture, after single choice decades of their lives?

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