Been no soul that floats

Had no encounter with envy,
Anger, sorrow or despair
Been no heart that flies
Sky high light as feather
Trouble breeds like rats
Geometric progression, endless, infinite
Darkness, hopelessness, despite,
The mighty strives, the weak succumbs,
Either is a fighter,
Neither, however a winner.
He walks on his own laid path
In sun and rain alike
Smile on his lips
Heart on his sleeve
No crease on his forehead
Never a tear in his eyes
No darkness has ever crossed his stride
His soul alone shone pure light
Until the end he remained the same
When death came he was thought to be
The undefeated in life’s game
The end to the story
Is as always not the same
For life can never go on,
He died in silence, just like he lived,
Winner or loser? Sit on that thought.