19th March 2015, Thursday: GourmetItUp Launch, Shiro, UB City

Assume it’s your loved one’s birthday and you two just love Asian food. You decide to indulge yourselves at a fine dining restaurant and celebrate the occasion. You ask her to choose, and she immediately thinks of Shiro. So, you agree to visit the wonderful place for a buffet (INR 1950+taxes) or a romantic dinner (approx INR 3000 for two inclusive of alcohol). Of course you love her and would do anything to make her happy, but there’s always this pang in your heart thinking about the big hole in your pocket that’s going to appear at the end of the meal, distracting you from fully enjoying the moment. This is where GourmetItUp comes in.

In a nutshell

For those unaware, GourmetItUp was launched in 2012 as a self funded startup in Pune/Mumbai by partners Deepa Jain and Kunal Jain. The website offers exclusive fine dining experiences that include tailored three-course, four-course or even six-course meals at top restaurants in the city at the most attractive prices. So now, if your loved one wants to indulge at Shiro for her birthday, book online through GourmetItUp for a four-course Teppanyaki experience that might cost you around INR 1000 per person. Knowing you can save more tosses the distraction right into the bin doesn’t it?

Now in Bengaluru

GourmetItUp announced its launch at a private event in Bengaluru on 19th March 2015 at Shiro, UB City in association with Chandon India. It was an interesting evening with a MasterClass on Vietnamese food with the most adulated Chef Hung, and an exclusive dining experience complete with conversations over a glass of Chandon.


Chandon India
Chandon India

Another new startup?

Namma Bengaluru is the hot oven for startups. The city has the best possible environment that helps any new business experiment, learn, evolve and find its way to thrive before it steps out into the big wide world. Of all industries, the city has been partial to F&B related startups and has mothered many of the nation’s top digital & offline players. Although GourmetItUp just launched operations in Bengaluru, it is important to know they are not new to the market. The brand has been successful in Pune, Mumbai and Delhi so far, enabling them to raise $300,000 from angel investors to expand operations. This is certainly going to spruce things up a bit.

While there is a lot of apprehension surrounding GourmetItUp and how they are going to compete with existing discovery portals & online reservation portals, their entry into Bengaluru only brings more promise. As it has already been established, Bengaluru is the best place to test any new business model, and would definitely help an already successful GourmetItUp evolve and emerge as a top player.

So what’s the basic idea?

The idea behind GourmetItUp emerged out of a constant frustration that the founders themselves experienced due to a lack of innovative things to do in the city. The regular brunch, buffet and à la carte meals seemed to lack an oomph factor. Before it’s inception, the team conducted a survey among customers and restaurants to understand expectations.A majority of customers always seek to gain access to new culinary experiences in the city. Restaurateurs on the other hand revealed that customers often dish out a fair judgement while dining in on a full course meal as compared to the harsh consequences of single orders. And so the founders created a resource that would bridge the gap and do it all.

What’s in the box?

Today the portal offers exclusive dining experiences that includes off-menu meals, master-classes, mixology and wine-pairings catering to the evolving culinary preferences in the city. GourmetItUp also has an intensive trained concierge desk that offers remarkable service. The portal also offers à la carte reservations in addition to its niche experiences. They have partnered with over fifteen top-serving restaurants in Bengaluru like Shiro, Yauatcha, Loft38, RoN, Mainland China, SmokeHouse Deli and are looking forward to more additions.

Sign Up on GourmetItUp and find your way to exciting culinary experiences.