Happiness is such a common topic. So many people talk about it, write about it, sing about it, rap about it, and it is still gravely misunderstood. This world is celebrating so many things everything, and still has millions of people who have it all and claim to be unhappy. You could be a billionaire or a homeless guy. You could be a CEO or a janitor. You could be a child or nearing 90s. You would say you are unhappy because there’s something missing in your life.

Happiness has evaded me so many times before. I don’t think I was ever really content with what I was or had. I was the one to say, “If I had this, it’d make me happy. I wish I had that, and it’d make me happy.” When I did receive this and that, there’d be new goals for me to attain happiness. It was as if happiness was a destination I had to reach, and I was on an obstacle course to get there. Then came along a very special person who opened my eyes to the truth. “Happiness isn’t a destination. It is a voluntary state of mind.” At first I found it quite hard to grasp this concept. It was quite hard to figure out how to be happy when I was constantly worried about whatever was happening in my everyday life. But then, slowly I began to understand. It is possible to appreciate the tiny things. It is a given fact that I’d always be stressed out, but to turn it around was a choice I had to make. I could either sit and brood, or do things that made me happy. Writing, reading, volunteering, spending time with family, spending time with people who loved food like I do – these were couple of things I could think of. I was happy doing them.

Happiness is a choice. If you looked out of your window and saw plush green trees on a cloudy day, felt the breeze on your skin and saw two dogs playing around, wouldn’t it bring a smile to your face? Doesn’t that make you happy? It could be for a fleeting moment, but that smile does alleviate your emotional pain. So why not create moments like these for yourself? Yes, I’m saying happiness is not something that comes and goes. It is a product that can be self-manufactured. You are the only one who can give yourself the gift of happiness. It comes from within you.

You might have gone through the most horrendous things in life. The choice lies in your hands whether you let it torment you or you drive the pain away by treating it with self-manufactured happiness. This is not impossible. It happens everyday. How do you think children get over falls and punishments so easily? Nobody has it worse than a child, for it is a period full of firsts, and when life constantly seems like it cannot get worse. Yet, they (we when we were children if you can remember) get over it and continue to be happy, until the perils of adult life takes over. Do you think we can reverse those effects with this simple revelation? I think it’s possible.

Happiness is a choice. Create it yourself.

I’m leaving you with a video, that’d bring tears to your eyes and warm your heart, take you back to your childhood, and also show you how to persevere when it feels like all hope is lost.

This is for the AtoZ Blog Challenge.