Eyes closed. Delving deep into thoughts. Thoughts that I haven’t considered for ages. All that I had kept locked up in me all these years.
 I find myself in an open field of grass.
Its night.
The stars are twinkling above me. I see my favorite constellation above me. Orion.
I see the moon. Its full.
I hear the rush of water.
I realize I’m standing on the banks of a river. The water is rushing towards a waterfall.
I can feel the cool wind on my skin. I can hear nothing but the river. It feels nice.
Oh.. Its drizzling. I am not running to find shelter. Instead I’m enjoying the feel of raindrops.
I’m crying.
Nobody can see me. N even if they did, they won’t know. Its raining.
I didn’t know my purpose so far in life. I don’t know where I’m going. I don’t know which road to take. I’m confused. I don’t know if I’m happy or not. If I’m happy, why am I crying? If I’m sad, why don’t I feel pain? I sit close to the water. And just stay quiet.
I am thinking of the beautiful moments in life.
The night’s fading. But its still raining.
It daylight. It stopped raining.
Birds are chirping, Flowers are blooming, Rabbits are scuttling.
I see my friends. I see my family. I can feel their love.
Again its raining. I still don’t know my purpose. I still don’t know which road to take.
But I know I will take chances. I have support from those I love. They’ll take care of me.
I’m Dancing in the raining. I’m smiling.
I’m in my happy place.
The Only place where everything doesn’t seem simply complicated.