In the past few years, there are many people in my circle who have woken to a health consciousness they never had before. My cousins, friends and acquaintances have over time made me feel that I too need to eat healthy and take care of my body instead of gobbling anything and everything on the menus at the restaurants. Well, that said, today I’m the only one among them constantly looking foods to add to my healthy diet plan, whereas they have wandered off their righteous paths into the darkness.

When I started on my own healthy eating plan, I scoured the Internet for articles and journals to help me figure out the right things to eat. Half of what I sourced turned out to be “trends” rather than “facts”. Here are some presumptions you may have based on these trends. Take it from me, these foods are NOT healthy.

1. Juices

Did you just say, “What the …”? The most nutritious part of a fruit or vegetable is the fibre. When you juice it, you end up extracting most of the sugar and maybe a low percentage of nutrients like vitamins & minerals. Similarly, canned juices and soda mostly contain sugar. Sugar itself has empty calories and no nutritional value. So if you say you are on a juice diet. That’s just sugar my friend.

Eat whole fruits and vegetables instead. You can even enjoy thick Smoothies.


Whether it is olive oil or sun flower oil, it is still composed of fats. Although these are good fats consuming too much of it could be bad for your cholesterol levels. Also, cooking olive oil at high temperatures can oxidize it into free radicals that are carcinogenic.

Switch to coconut oil for high temp., and limit your oil consumption. No oil is your friend.

3. Breakfast Cereals

Regular breakfast cereals or granola are wholly made of transfats and sugar. All they do is fill you up with calories that you don’t want and also pose a risk to you heart health and blood sugar levels.

Grab a bowl of fruit in the morning. You can even have small portions of regular food like Pongal, rava idli, dosa, etc. If you are extra health conscious switch to quinoa.

4. Sprouts

I love salads. Even as a little girl, I used to ask my mother to give me sprouts salad. Turns out, they are the most dangerous greens you can eat. They can easily be contaminated by microbes and are prime reason for sickness among vegans and vegetarians. They also contain high levels of phytochemicals that are carcinogenic to humans.

Sprout grams yourself at home or grow them in your kitchen garden to be safe. Better alternative? Steam them before consumption or avoid them altogether.

5. Brown Rice

Rice is carbs. White or brown. They both have a high glycemic index (almost the same). Brown rice is more nutritious in terms of fiber and vitamins, but it doesn’t do you any favors in terms of managing your weight or blood sugar levels.

I have seen a lot of people switching to brown rice to get healthy. Trust me, if you really want to make a difference to your body, switch to gluten free alternatives like Quinoa.