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I’m an amateur foodie, and there are a hoard of things that surprise me every day. I have been to many restaurants, street-side eateries, darshinis, beach cafes, courtyard cafes, and even some rare gastronomic experiences. But dining out at a stranger’s place was a first for me. This city is the hotspot for experimentation with its diverse population, rich cosmopolitan culture and amazing people who are open to new ideas. It is probably why we have most startups launch here, and even restaurants test their models on our streets before they take on the nation.

For expats, friends and family across the country, Bengaluru is the most happening place in the world (the word world is subjective and not up for debate), and the right choice when you have to settle down and start your life. Like Mumbai, Delhi or Kolkatta, we have an abundance of eateries on every street to turn to while our stomachs begin to growl. However, if you do begin to crave for a taste of home, we have home cooks who invite you in, seat you down and serve you a spread that will bring nothing less than a tear in your eyes, reminding you of mumma.

Sumi’s Kitchen

One of such home cooks is Sumitra Kalapatapu at Cooke Town, who’s following her passion to feed a few guests every day with home cooked, Andhra Brahmin meal. With roots that dig deep into Vishakapatnam, her love for the Andhra culture and heritage exudes in the aroma and flavors of the food on your thali.  Whether it is your pulusu, pappu, kakarkaaya vepudu, gongura or dosavakkaya, every item o your plate is soul food. She doesn’t claim to have any extravagant affair. “It is a very simple meal, what you would find in any normal Telugu Brahmin’s house with no adulteration. It’s just nice to get together and eat to your fill sometimes,” notes Sumitra as she serves generously a ladle of our favorite pulihora around the table.

Joy of eating together

You know that saying about a family that eats together? Well, how many of us live in families that eat together. At my house, dinner schedule needs to be in sync with our TV schedule. I’m sure at your place the digital world, office, tuition and other factors play a role when it comes to dining together. Sumi’s Kitchen is about getting people to eat together and talk to each other over the table. She loves sharing stories with them, and in the past few months, forged many new friendships that will last for a lifetime. “This is a testament to the phrase that food brings people closer,” she adds.

My experience

I have been to Sumi’s Kitchen thrice already with different groups. The consistency is great, and I absolutely love her food. It is more about the experience than the food itself. You would feel good exchanging a conversation with your friends or family over Sumi’s couch, and notice how the atmosphere feels quite relaxing as it is literally home away from home. It is not a restaurant so you don’t have to be afraid of catching a stomach bug on your binge weekend. It’s a fun time for you to unwind. Try the chutneys, they are amazing! I do so love the typical Andhra pulusu. It is meant to be sweet, so don’t begin to question it

Sumi’s Kitchen takes bookings for dine in meals between Monday to Saturdays and currently delivers dabbas with Andhra tiffin like pulihora, pesarattu and atukula dosa.

To get your fill of Andhra meal call Sumitra at +91 89511 53518. Click HERE to LIKE Sumi’s Kitchen Facebook Page.

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