I should probably be deemed the worst blogger in town for being completely AWOL over here and failing to pen down some of the most wonderful things that have come my way since my last post. Lack of inspiration, the beautiful weather and laziness got in my way. None of that anymore as I am determined to take a page out of Julie and Julia, write something everyday at least for the next 50 days. Some of you might already know, I’ve been counting down minutes to my wedding at the end of Jan, and hopefully by then, my website will have plenty of lovely posts from Ms. Me, which I can be proud of, before I turn into Mrs. Him. 🙂

Inspiration comes in the most unimaginable ways. To me it was a glass of chilling, soul soothing, flavor bursting Elder Flower Bubble Tea with passion fruit pops – something I’ve been craving since a long time. The second I realized this unassuming beverage was on a menu, at an eatery, not far from home, waiting to quench my thirst at whim, a bulb lit up and I felt like writing again.

Inspiration : Bubble Tea

Now that I think about it, I was feeling quite wordy last week. Anger and frustration acted as inspiration for the day. In fact, I came across a Facebook post today that speaks of using emotions to overcome writer’s block. Negative emotions work best from my experience, while the positive ones leave you feeling happy, day dreaming, smiling sheepishly and celebrating and so content that you hardly feel the need to write. At the most, you’d say, “YAY!” or similar exclamations to exhibit your deliriously jubilant state. Somehow, I proved my own beliefs wrong with the Bubble Tea incident. Positive or negative, a writer can always find a way to spin the yarn on and on.

Ok. So here we go. 50 days, 50 posts (excluding this one of course). Let’s do it!