Do you have a list of monthly resolutions yet?

Today, I was in a conversation with my colleague, Jayashree about learning how to make handmade soaps, when she said, “I should probably make this my February resolution”. We bookmark so many tutorials, sign up for a hundred newsletters and most of them end up either ignored or in the junk folder pretty much like our New Year resolutions. There’s no point in making a commitment if you do not keep your word. It is all the more important to fulfill a promise especially if you make one to yourself.

When the deadline is so far down the road when it is beyond our line of sight we do tend to get lethargic. So, it made sense to me to have short term goals. Jayashree’s goal for January was to participate in a marathon, and she did! It gave her a sense of accomplishment and encouraged her to continue working on such monthly resolutions.

5 steps to create monthly resolutions 

Go back to your list of 2017 resolutions and add deadlines to each item. If your to-dos for the year seem vague like I’ll eat healthy this year, then give yourself something you can accomplish like learning a new skill such as I’ll create a kitchen garden, so you will be driven to understand how gardening works, take care of plants and cook from fresh produce grown in your own yard/balcony/roof.

  1. Write your monthly resolution on a sticky note and hang it on your refrigerator.
  2. Use it to motivate yourself to finish the task by the end of the month.
  3. Snap a photograph to remind you of the moment you achieved this goal.
  4. Scratch it off your list.
  5. When the calendar hits 1 again, work on the next resolution.

How about a secret resolution?

The minute you put it out there, your conscience begins to itch. So when you don’t achieve what you thought you would, the world starts crumbling around you. Well, how about keeping it a secret? One monthly resolution is enough pressure, so if you have anything else in mind for a yearly passion project, keep it a secret and put it up on your list only after you have achieved it.

Here are a list of resolutions to get you started:

  1. Learn to swim
  2. Download Duolingo and learn a new language
  3. Read 5 new books
  4. Start a blog
  5. I’m sure it’d make everyone except the stores happy if I exercised control over my shopaholic side. (Keep records to compare)
  6. Master 3 dessert recipes from Tasty
  7. Let’s make art!
  8. Participate in a marathon
  9. This month I’m going to spend more time in the real world and less on Facebook (Log your time if you have to or just leave your phone in a locked box)
  10. Help a needy person 

What about me?

I have already begun working on my yearly resolution. Shhhhh, it’s a secret! I’ll let you all know at the end of this year. For the past hour, I have been struggling to decide on a resolution for February. Jayashree just asked, “Is there something that you’ve always wanted to do but couldn’t?” The answer popped into my mind.

It is not an adventure, it is not a skill, it has nothing to do with learning or thrill. This is something I have wanted to do for years, and I have chickened out at every opportunity because of fear that my intentions would be misconstrued.

I will talk to people from the transgender community in Bengaluru and find a way to help them.

I wish you luck with your February resolution and hope I get to fulfill mine as well. Let’s huddle and discuss in a few weeks. 🙂