When it comes to relationships, there is always a weird and different one between fathers and children while compared to the mothers. When a child asks a parent the most unavoidable and common question “Where do babies come from?” there is a major difference between the reponse given by a father and that of a mother. A mother would try to explain the real story in a simple way, while a father would cook up a story just to avoid any more uncomfortable questions.

trolldadWith over a million webcomics over the Internet, curiosity spikes to known about the most popular face of them all – TrollDad. This character is a legendary stereotypical type of fathers who usually respond with puns to the questions children ask. They may also set-up a child to make a lame joke just for laughs. Once the child realizes that he’s been fooled, he bursts into a fit of rage. Different from the normal species of fathers, TrollDad has been trolling Derp on the Internet with the most hilarious puns that despite make Derp quite angry, have made millions of readers laugh.

TrollDad was born sometime in the second quarter (April-June) of 2009 somewhere on Reddit after which the webcomics caught fire as they spread to all other websites like MemeBase and FunnyJunk. The TrollDad comic has been used to generate humor by sharing life experiences about trolling dads, and also depicting the authors of the comics.

Most of the memes that feature in these webcomics include Derp, Derpita, or Herp. The most loved meme however is the Rage that has widely been used to express exaggerated emotions in online chat rooms and text messages. Everytime you come across this Rage meme, you will automatically remember a time that you felt the same way. Thus, the TrollDad webcomics bring back great memories or make people want to get their own trolling dads declared insane, and checked into an asylum where they could troll others and get trolled back.

When there are TrollDads at one extreme, there has been another kind of dad figure who has made people laugh for years and still been fondly remembered. An all-time favorite comedian, author, actor, musician, educator, activitist and a television producer – Bill Cosby! Stay tuned for the future post on Cosby.

TrollDads cause an indirect reaction trolling others through their children. Enjoy this old video featuring Bill Cosby and Raven Symone “Where Do Babies Come From?”