I was born like you were,
To a mother who loved me like none other,
I had dreams and aspirations, a destiny to fulfill,
Love to find, Husband to marry,
Children to bear, and feed, and so on,
I was free to graze as I pleased on the rejoiced green fields.

Or so I thought before it dawned upon me,
That my existence itself was to serve your evil purpose,
You with your evolved mind yet barbaric heart,
Enslaved my species and tore us all apart,
There was no freedom, nay! there was just pain,
And a sense of impending doom as you kept milking away my fear.

Karma will play its part one day,
When a stronger player rises to join your game.
Your children will be bred like we were today,
Humiliated and imprisoned in a tinier cell,
Cared for with state-of-the-art like you’d say,
And stacked on the shelves of a supermart
Ready to fulfill their hunger…