Hello? Is anyone there?
I hear your whispers in the air.
It’s just loud enough to make me listen
Distract me from the sound of breaking hearts here.

She’s throwing curses, he’s taunting back,
It’s the same cycle.
No one gives up, no one gives in,
They never stop until someone gets red spilling.

Is that really you I hear, or is it all in my head?
Have I been so desperate for a rescue from a monster under my bed?
Come growl at me, or even pat my shoulder with your hairy claws,
At this point, I’d rather have you comfort me than get stuck in their wars.

It won’t be long before one of them walks out of the front door,
The other, frustrated will burst straight through mine
You see I’m the bait, more like a punching bag or a dart board
To let out all anger and frustration against each other.

“Your father is a …” she starts, with a shrill pitch hurting my ears before she whipped out the hangers.
He would punctuate every word with a punch, “You are just going to turn out like that woman!”
They curse, they abuse, I’m their son, don’t they see?
If you are here today, please just help me!

Hello? Are you there?
I see your shadows now.
Please monster, stop trying to scare me
Take me to your world instead.