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New In Bengaluru: UnderDoggs Sports Bar & Grill

I’d like to think of Bengaluru as a cosmopolitan city that attracts people like alfalfas draw in swarms of bees. It’s vibrant, breezy yet warm, succulent and sweet nature is irresistible, and the promise to satiate anyone’s hunger at anytime of the day is too tempting an offer to pass up. While the buzzing streets of the town like Brigade Road, MG Road, Indiranagar 100 Feet road and more are blessed with watering holes, gastropubs and many restaurants to entertain the localites’ needs for a glass of guzzler and a taste of chicken wings, South Bengaluru has for long remained a locality for the underdogs, often neglected but growing in its residential, student and corporate employee population.

“Why should we have to travel an hour across the city to have a good time after having endured a torturous day at work, and an even taxing ride back home?” these Bengaluru folks asked themselves every day for over a decade when the only source of inebriation came from local wine bars that were too sleazy for our taste or a handful of old Bengaluru watering holes that we have grown out of over the years. Before we could say “Your loss” to F&B investors, a few heads turned our way including Delhi’s own UnderDoggs Sports Bar & Grill which dropped an anchor in JP Nagar last month settling in its large niche right below BrewSky on the Outer Ring Road.

We can never have enough pubs in Bengaluru regardless of the location. If you are skeptic and think they are going to be true to their name and underdogs in the game, be ready to be wrong. With two levels of large space scattered with comfortable seating options, sports inspired decor like skateboard lighting, sporty portraits & wall graphics, the ambiance transforms your mood into an elevated-forever-excited-cheery-let-the-games-begin state. The area has over 30 huge HD television screens and projectors installed carefully and thoughtfully to display your favorite sports channels so you never miss any live shows, highlights, recaps, news or even music video entertainment during your visit.

Sports bars are not just about watching, it’s also about playing (indoors of course). Underdoggs has got this right with seven snooker tables, foosball, table tennis, dart boards, carom boards, XBox Kinect, custom beer pong tables, and a whole lot of board games.

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We started with a round of Flaming Hot Shots, a house specialty made of Cinnamon infused Whiskey. It is a heavenly combination and can make even get a nondrinker like me go “Hmm. I’d like to try that again.” Like one of us rightly said, They burn like hell but taste like heaven. You must certainly start your evening with this, or make a drinking game out of it. Beer is of course what you would all hope to have at Underdoggs. Chilled and presented in a transparent tower attached to a cueball that dispensed beer through a tap. It was quite a show, and makes you laugh every time you go for a refill.

Cinnamon Whiskey #shoot #thursdaynight #lovinglife #drink #instafood

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As for the mocktails, I enjoyed a barman’s special created out of pineapple juice, chilli, lime, and rosemary (since I love spicy drinks and it is hard to find them on menus). I like the fact that you can request for something special and have it made, even if it might cost you extra. As for my recommendation from the menu, go for the Banana Murray mocktail (Strawberry and Banana Chunks dunked in orange and pineapple juice) or Pineapple Jalapeno Margarita if you love a little spice with your alcohol.

Would you care for a mocktail milady? #drink #thursdaynight #lovinglife

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Let’s get to the bites. I saw my friends gobbling down the chicken wings with 14 different absolutely delicious sounding sauces. You do have an option of trying the same with Cauliflower, but I wouldn’t suggest it as the effect is not the same. If you are a meat lover, here’s a snippet from JustRumana.Blogspot.Com on those killer wings

Underdoggs signature chicken wings that are served either char grilled or fried. They come with 14 mouthwatering signature sauces – Spicy honey garlic, Desi masala, Butter chicken, Tandoori, Mango habenero, Garlic parmesan, Honey barbecue, Barbecue, Sweet chili ginger, Cajun alfredo, Harissa & the house special medium hot, hot & suicide. My top picks from the chicken wings were the Desi Masala, Butter Chicken, Cajun Alfredo, Spicy Harissa and Garlic Parmesan.

Rumana Nazarali & Hari Camala


I would definitely recommend the Underdoggs Signature Naan Rolls which are a fusion of the Indian roti subzi and Mexican soft tacos. Take your pick from plain, butter or garlic naan and have it topped with your favorite of the four veg or meat Indian curries (Murgh Rarah, Murgh Haleem, Paneer Kulchan, Tawa Wali Subji, Nihari Ghosht, Diwani Veg Handi, Gulmohar Murgh Nawabi & Veg Haleem). It is presented on a wooden platter like a little pizza, but you can just pick ’em up, fold ’em like a taco and take a bite until you finish licking every last bit off your fingers. It’s going to be messy, but you will LOVE it!


Food that brings fond memories. @kiaan_styles this one reminded me of you. #food #instafood

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On rare instances, I like paneer. This was one such instance. #food #instafood

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Underdoggs Sports Bar and Grill will blow your mind in just under five minutes if you walk in and take a tour of the place, before even you have a bite or taste a drink. To us, it is all about a great place to hang out, and this sports bar gives us that cool uptown vibe in the lost world part of the city. From where I stand, it’s a long awaited change. The prices are on par with what you might find uptown and it is reasonable to keep certain crowd OUT of the bar and the standards HIGH.

Like I always say, don’t take my word for it. Book your table there from and try the place for yourselves (you’ll receive a VIP treatment, mark my words). Let me know how you feel about it.

Rish, VIPTable, thank you for hosting me. It was a wonderful evening. 🙂 I’ll be back.


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