There are those years when all you do is wait for that special day all year long. The day you are treated like a princess, showered with gifts, fed with the most delicious cake and favorite food. That day, when everyone you have ever known remembers you, calls you or meets you just to let you know that you are indeed very special.

This is the same day you begin to dread all year long, hoping everybody forgets, and try to keep hidden from the new friends you make. The day you disappear from the monotonous routine and silently retreat to no-man’s land so the crowd can’t reach you via telephone, mail, or in person. The day that constantly reminds you that you are losing time, without fulfilling everyday dreams. The day you get older by a year – Your Birthday.

We are made to believe that some stages in the human life span are the biggest milestones meant to be felicitated and memorialized.

At 18 – You are an adult! (Whatever that means!)
At 21 – You can now drink, smoke and marry legally! (Amazing perks. o_O)
At 25 – You are successful now! (No, I haven’t even figured out what trade I am good at. )
At 30 – You are well-settled now! (By that they mean married and financially loaded)
At 40 – You can now age gracefully (Dude, I just started living!)
At 50 – Yay! You just lived half a century! (An elephant can do it.)
And so it goes on.

We go about our lives submitting ourselves to the ubiquitous illusions of milestones without fully comprehending the true meaning behind the numbers. As we retire at the end of the celebrations, the pangs of misery and frustration hits before we hit the bed as the undeniable realization creeps: “I have not achieved what I should have by now.”

Tell me this. Are there really milestones for lifetime achievements? Can the world set the bar to how fast you should run in a race, and when you should reach the finish line?

I know I can vote when I am 18. What if I don’t really understand politics and am not mature enough to decide who should lead the nation?

What if I am not sure which line of career I should choose? I can’t make up my mind between my passion for science and love for writing. So, I’d like to try my hand at both for a while and choose on my own time. Why should the world decide for me to graduate by 21 and have a full-fledged career by 25?

Marriage is a part of life, not life itself. There is no deadline to find love, is there? So I believe it’s alright if I am single at 32 with the hope of meeting Mr. Right at the Book Store on Church Street on the eve on my 35th birthday.

Today is the eve of my 25th birthday. Even before hitting the dirty thirties, I had begun sweeping birthdays under the carpet due the significance of the milestones. According to R. Allendy, the number 25 represents “life graduating on all plans and evolving by the opposite polarity game.” Regardless of what it truly means, I’d like to interpret it as a number that signifies growth and evolution. It is not at all a deadline, but the beginning of a life full of opportunities and promises with room for falls, lessons, and improvement.

It is important to be successful everyday. Yes. It is important to define what success means to you. To me, success is to do what you love and be happy. CHECK!

On my way to 25 years of being human, I know I what MY milestone signifies and I step on it gracefully. No more sweeping birthdays under the rug!

At 25 – I am young, I love what I do, I am happy. Yes, I am successful. BRING IT ON!