Are you a vegetarian??? Then you have got to try Nando’s! You remember there was one on Church Street right next to People? Now you don’t see it around do you? That’s because they moved to become bigger and better to give you 17 news ways of oral satisfaction and do they? Oh yes!


So I reached a little late to the preview, just like I’m late in writing about it right now, and I was starving. My meat loving friends were already munching on their succulent chicken and the Peri Peri sauce. I asked for a Sangria as usual which blew me away just by its appearance. Tall glass, vibrant drink with just the right amount of chunky fruits to add that sweetness and acidity. It was the perfect company for my meal.


We began with the All Together which is a platter of all veg starters that includes Spicy Mixed Olives, Roasted Veg Dip, Hummus with Peri Peri Drizzle, and Warm Pita. The Hummus and Pita with those spicy olives had me finishing a whole serving and asking for more. Soon after this came a few sides like the spicy rice, Peri fries, Peri wedges, bean salad, and coleslaw. They all, as you can imagine, were fought over, and devoured before someone else could get a bite out of it.

Then came the Veg Espetada which is no longer just Cottage Cheese. It has all the exotic veggies you can think of and cottage cheese drizzled with peri peri. I had to fight for this one too. Fantastic you guys!


Soon after this I snuck a bite of “Something Exotic” which is skewered watermelon and Cottage cheese on grill. As you can imagine the flavors work well. My favorite at Nandos before all these delicacies revealed themselves was corn on cob. So they brought a few of those babies out and we all dug in. Peri Peri Spicy!


We were served Cataplana Algarve, a dish made of Paneer, Cataplana sauce, chick peas, spicy rices and peppers. While you may think this seems a little desi sitting in its copper dish, the flavors ring true of Mexico, persuading you to dig in again and again until you relish the last spoonful.


Then we had a few bites of the new burgers on the menu that included Classic Veggie, Moroccan, Black Mushroom & Grilled Cottage Cheese until we were fit to burst. I quite enjoyed the Black Mushroom Burger made with mild Peri Peri.  There were many dishes flying around the table, among which was a HOT burger that had me reaching for the water to put out the fire in my mouth.


Thankfully, the desserts came to my rescue. Cheesecake and Carrot Cake were a perfect ending for this meal.

I had my head reeling at the point I was so full and soooo completely satisfied!

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