How far would you go for the love of food?

Some may dream of marrying a chef or choose to dine at different restaurants for every meal every day. There are those who travel around the world on a foodcation or switch to a career in hospitality so experimenting with food becomes an essential part of life. Ever so rarely we come across such a food smitten person who’d go beyond all we could fathom a buy a restaurant for the love of what’s served on the menu. Incredibly, here’s a story of a family that lived next door to and were regulars for five years at a quaint little cafe on St. John’s Road, Ulsoor, until their boundless passion led them to buy out the restaurant from the owner.

Pepper Cafe or Peps as they call it, is an artsy, warm and welcoming two-storeyed restaurant right down the lane from Citrus Hotel near Ulsoor Lake. With a well curated cosmopolitan menu inspired by Italian and Mexican cuisine, a modest selection of domestic wines, and an interesting variety of Sangria, the hosts have preserved the old culinary charm with a few creative additions from Chef Ali. Needless to say, the favorites stay on the menu so does the spice element in every dish (It’s in the name!), and Italian is still very popular.

Sip or Gulp

If you are in for a mocktail, I recommend the Green Apple Virgin Mojito, also available in mint and watermelon flavors. If you are a Wine-lover, then I insist that you try both the Mexican Sangria and Blue-Lagoon Sangria to not just see what pleases your buds, but also be wowed at a unique mix. I loved the one with a hint of tabasco in it, and would gladly go back for another glass.

Nibbles and Teasers

We are talking only vegetarian here so for starters, dive right into a plate of Mozzarella Cheese Balls. I know we ordered a few more servings as it kept disappearing. Perfect crust, hot and so delightfully cheese filled, it will send you to your gastronomic heaven, and make you hope that you don’t get pulled down under where the flames are blazing high.

Going for a different take, they also served up Cajun (Cottage) Cheese Fingers on a bed of sprout salad, and Stuffed Potato Skins with Mexican flavored chili beans. The beans are refreshing, and I feel the combination certainly gave a third dimension to the dishes.


One Big Hearty Plate

“Here come the mains,” they said. The Pepper Cafe Special Farmhouse Pizza topped with roasted garlic, sliced onion, chili flakes, broccoli, baby corn, olives, jalapenos, and sundried tomatoes, was the winning dish of the course with a lovely medley of flavors owing to the vegetables and the spicy pizza sauce. The Aglio Olio with vegetables and Veg Sizzler are two other dishes I’d suggest if you love a more wholesome meal. It’s all spicy, so make sure you can handle it.

Sweet Like Heaven

I believe it all tied together wonderfully when the time to stuff our faces into desserts came by. Jimcy Raphael makes most of the specialty desserts on the menu, and it is hard to decide which one deserves the title of a showstopper.

For the ones who love a hot and sticky dessert, I suggest my favorite from the afternoon – Sticky Toffee Pudding. If you like something more classic to end your meal, then the Sizzling Brownie with Ice cream is your pick. However, if chocolate is all that you are after, dive into the rich and smooth Chocolate Mousse. The Oreo Cheesecake may win you the title of the Most Awesome Parent with your kids, while for those weirdos who don’t eat chocolate, Jimcy’s Banoffee Pie lies in wait.

The answer is simple for how far you should go for the love of good food – Pepper Cafe Ulsoor.  For more information, visit them on Zomato.