Hey meat lovers! Stop taunting your fellow vegetarians and vegans. We have perks as well. In fact, there are some reasons compelling enough to change your mind and inspire you to give up meat forever. These go way beyond religion, ethics or animal rights. It’s about health and reducing risk of major diseases. Here’s a list of five:

1. All-in-one meal

A vegetarian diet is well balanced. It has all essential nutrients including carbs, protein, healthy unsaturated fats, fibre, vitamins and minerals. A bucket of chicken wings or bacon rolls couldn’t possibly fulfill your nutritional needs. A complete diet of fruits, vegetables, nuts, whole grains, milk products and soy can ensure your body gets wholesome nutrition.

We are tired of hearing “Where do you get your proteins?” Here’s your answer.

Source: theveganrd.com
Source: theveganrd.com

2. Reverse the damage

Processed meat and animal fats have a higher percentage of saturated fats (trans fats) that leads to increased cholesterol and risk of heart disease. Phytonutrients regulate body metabolism maintaining optimum blood sugar and cholesterol levels. A well-balanced vegetarian diet with fat regulation has been known to control, reverse and prevent major disease like diabetes, coronary heart conditions, hypertension and more.

3. Speaking of cancer

Vegetarians are 40% less likely to develop cancer while compared to meat lovers. In fact, a vegetarian’s immune system is far more effect in destroying tumor cells while compared to that of a meat eater (German Cancer Research Center). Chemicals involved in processing meat and meat products are often carcinogenic in nature. Furthermore, studies suggest that nuclear radiation protocols intended for decontaminating meat are a primary source for cancer in humans who consume the same meat regularly.


4. Keep calm, live long

Asians live longer than the rest of the world. While they do eat seafood, a majority of their diet includes vegetarian or vegan food. They also refrain from eating processed meat to avoid toxins from attacking their system. The hard truth is this – meat eaters are more prone to illnesses and has a shorter lifespan. They are also more likely to develop a disability in their lifetime. A fat-rich diet will also make them susceptible to obesity, lethargy, depression, fatigue, PCOD, and other weight-related disorders.


5. More than just calories

250 calories of meat is not equal to 250 calories of a veggie meal. The nutritional value of both are poles apart. While meat can be rich in protein and saturated fat, your veggies meal can be rich in fibre and protein. Hence a vegetarian diet can help you shed those 5 kgs much easier than a no-carb meat diet. Of course, you have to watch fat consumption.

On the plus side of this, fruits, vegetables and whole grains are rich in antioxidants that contain free radicals. They break down fats and work as anti-aging molecules that keep you healthy not only from within but also on the outside.

No, your vegetarian friend doesn’t look radiant all the time because she goes to the spa every week. It’s her diet that doing wonders.

Has this got you convinced yet?

There’s no hope for you!