I love black and white photos. The RGB (Red, green and blue) values of black and white images are equal. Hence, I call them equalizers.  Everything seems to blend in to everything. Boundaries are blurred and expressions are enhanced.



This picture is from my sister’s wedding. Most of the aunties that have passed through our lives have never failed to state out loud that I was fairer than my sister. Both my cousin and me are said to have fairer skin than her. She was given a hard time even at home for her dark skin although she is a brilliant person. Usually, she would shy away from the camera especially when there are fair skinned people posing with her.

When I saw this photo in colour, I knew instantly what to do. I equalized it. Because colour doesn’t matter. Only one thing matters which is, together, we make a great picture.

1 thought on “Negative”

  1. Didn’t know ur sis got married. Congrats !!

    Really nice pic … with equally good thought. All the best to ur sis for her married life and to you to continue on this creative journey.

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