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Moms have always told children never to play with their food, but a Hong Kong restaurant seems to encourage fun with food. Dim Sum Icon has put itself on the map for revolutionizing plain old dim sum by putting faces on it keeping diners engaged with their food.

It doesn’t stop there. Poke those little fat steamed dim sum buns at the right places with a chopstick and you will have food that’s oozing, lactating, defecating and vomiting. It should ideally gross you out, instead turns into a conversation starter and a hilarious meal that will not only satiate your hunger cravings but also serve as much needed change of food scenery.

Ray Kuo, assistant manager, believe that the restaurant is more appealing to the young adults and teenagers in the city. The most popular items on the menu are those based on Japanese Kobitos by Toshitaka Nabata, the pooping Gudetama, a cake resembling the turd emoticon, and the lazy yellow egg from Japan’s Sanrio.

Kuo emphasizes that Dim Sum Icon focuses on a theme for the menu, and switches up every few months to keep the diners excited about what’s going to appear on their plate. The restaurant and their offering is going viral on social media, and their reach has extended beyond international boundaries.

Lineke Schrigver, a Dutch exchange student, said she knew about the restaurants from social media even before she set foot into the city. She visited the place as soon as she got to Hong Kong, and said that the food was “hilarious” but “really tasty.”

A Taiwanese tourist, Miss Su reviewed the restaurant after she dined there with her entire family. “I think it is a novelty and special so I wanted to have a try,” Su said. “And it does taste really good, cute and tasty.”

Dim Sum Icon has two restaurants across Hong Kong and is looking to expand its brand across mainland China and Macau.

ReadsQ: Would you like regular dim sum or a plate of oozers from Dim Sum Icon?

Source: Reuters NowThis

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