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At Reads by Shruti Suresh, I take privacy of my visitors seriously and I want to stress that I do not gather, save, collect nor use any of your personal information.

Cookie Policy

Reads by Shruti Suresh uses cookies and other technologies to ensure that every visitor has the best experience. By continuing to visit this website, you are agreeing to the use of cookies and similar technologies.

All About Cookies

Apart from being the sweet treats that you eat, cookies are tiny files with letters and numbers that are stored in your computer’s browser directory either for the duration of your visit (session cookie) or for repeat visits (persistent cookie). When you use your browser to access a website, a cookie is created by the website to help keep track of what you do from the moment you hit the URL to the moment you close the tab. While this cookie is stored on your computer, the website also stores a file with the same ID. There’s no reason to be alarmed as cookies like memory links between your computer and websites keeping track your activity so you can resume from where you left off on your next visit. They trace your behavior to make changes, tailor the tools and customize your next session for a better user-friendly website experience.

Cookies don’t have much information other than URL of that specific website, the duration of its abilities and effects, along with a random encrypted number. Suffice to say, it cannot disclose your personal information or any information that could identify you. It just helps the analyst understand your behavior as a user/consumer.

You may find the idea of a website tracking their activity quite intrusive, especially while information is stored on your device and elsewhere. There is no need to worry as it is absolutely in good faith. You may find that the content on the page is targeted to your interests, and ads or irrelevant information may not even be on display on repeated visits.

You do have the option to block cookies and/or delete the ones that have been created. Please ensure you have fully understood the function of cookies, and privacy before you take action. For more information visit