I met a guy. It was love at first sight. He was really handsome. I looked into his eyes and I knew that he was the one I had been waiting for all my life. He was so full of life that he just made me smile everytime we were together. He was the perfect guy from my fairytale. He never held grudges. He never had an ego. And everytime we had a disagreement, irrespective of whether the fault was his or mine he’d come bouncing back to make up for it as if everything was alright. His love was unconditional. He was nice to my girl friends, but wasn’t that nice to my guy friends. In fact he’d scare them away. He was selfless, sweet, warm and just seemed so perfect. There was one problem though. When someone is so trusting they tend to be naive and ignorant. Well that was his problem.

 Meanwhile I met another guy. He was different. Yes, he was really handsome too. He was loving, sweet and trusting too. He made smile too. He was so smart. That I found attractive while compared to Guy No.1. However, this guy had an ego the size of a ball park. He’d get so angry if we had a disagreement that he’d never talk unless I took the first step. He didn’t have a problem with any of my friends. In fact he didn’t have a problem with Guy No.1 either. What drove him mad was when he tried to talk to me, Guy No.1 with his full burst of energy would charm me away. By the time I turned my attention back, he’d have turned away, and he wouldn’t come back.

Well, there are both stereotypes. One perfectly sweet and sensitive but dumb. The other smart yet egotistic. Can’t have both in the same guy can we? For the world would be too perfect then. But I thought, why can’t I have both these guys? Oh! Did I leave the part out where they are brothers? Makes things even more complicated doesn’t it?

 But I realised I love them both. To make matters worse, my best friend loves them too. And she gets to have them both! Its the 21st century. If she gets to be with them all the time, I can go visit them when I want to and get to have fun with them atleast for a while. And that is what I do now.

 No no it’s not complicated at all. Meet Guy no.1, Pepper and his brother Poirot. They are perfect just the way they are. And I absolutely love they as if they were my own!