Kerasys Perfumed Shampoo review Glam & Stylish

Some choose the bookstore, record store, Bloomingdale’s or maybe the iStore, for me retail therapy lies in the beauty section of any good supermarket. I usually make a beeline for the aisle with haircare products because my battle with frizz is city-famous. Truthfully, I haven’t found a product that my locks have a chemistry with, and so, this is a search for a soulmate that has been going on for years.

I usually look at bouquet of ingredients on the bottle that could make magic before buying a product, but this time, I didn’t bother about that. KeraSys Perfumed Shampoo had been sitting on the shelf wooing to me for a few months. The bottles look like bouquet themselves and each have their own unique enticing fragrance.

Kerasys Perfumed Shampoo review Pure & Charming

You are probably thinking, “You are there to buy a shampoo, not a perfume.” The weather out here is quite extreme. The heat causes sweating, and that causes its own hair problems. Furthermore, KeraSys is a Korean brand which is a popularly used in salons across the world. The premium care hair products are well-suited to Asian hair texture, and in the same league as L’Oreal, TRESemmé, SYOSS, etc.

The dream of having Asian hair never fades, so I carted a bottle of KeraSys Pure & Charming Shampoo for AED 31 and a hair rinse for the same price. This concoction has Argan tree kernel oil and Chamomile extracts that restore natural sheen and make hair healthy. The fragrance has the following notes, and are delicate in their combination.

Top note: Bergamot, Mandarin, Green Tangerine
Middle note: Lily of the valley, Peach Flower, Pink Rose
Base note: White Cider Wood, Musk

I washed my second day hair with two pumps of KeraSys. It lathers quite well, and the beautiful aroma immediately relaxes you. This is definitely like an aromatherapy shower. To test how the shampoo does, for the first few washes I chose not to use rinse.


  1. It is a good cleanser
  2. Several perfumed shampoos tend to dry and damage your hair. This one seems to keep your hair hydrated, feeling light and soft.
  3. The aroma! It might keep you intoxicated with yourself. It definitely puts you in a good mood.
  4. I would suggest buying the hair rinse for the best experience. With the rinse, hair feels extremely soft, manageable, and dreamy.

I am not sure how long my hair would agree with KeraSys, but so far, so good.

Reveling in the Pure & Charming notes, until next time,