Once upon a time, people were afraid to venture out to the end of the world ’cause they believed the Earth was flat. Thanks to Pythagoras and Columbus, we can now enjoy cruises to the full extent as long as we stay clear of the Bermuda triangle.

The world believed that the earth was at the center of the solar system, while the sun and other planets revolved around us. Then Nicolaus Copernicus came along with a new theory of heliocentrism in the 16th century followed by Johannes Kepler in the next century and finally Galileo Galilei during his time with the telescope trying hard to open the world to a new truth.

They said an atom is the smallest unit of matter until they further dissected and found electrons, positrons, quarks and leptons. Today they discuss more about matter, antimatter and isolating the God particle which would have been completely inconceivable back in the days of Galileo just like heliocentrism.

There is no single truth on the path to discovering the universe we live in. I am a follower of Alan Watts and in his words I understand there is a lot to life than we can perceive, and we just see what we are able to perceive. As the authors of Law of Attraction and Secret rightly advocate, our thoughts have a great impact on the life we live, and in turn the universe around us. I’d like to look at our world as a situation similar to the opposite of Schrödinger’s cat. Don’t be Schrödinger, forget quantum science and be the cat. As long as you are in the box, the box is your world. There’s a bottle possibly filled with poison, a Gieger counter and a radioactive material. You are a cat, none of that means anything to you. For all you know, the radioactive material is a stone, that you can keep as a pet, the Gieger counter is a funny looking alarm clock, and the bottle of poison is milk (if you can figure out how to unscrew the cap, your day is made). The consequences of this perspective is irrelevant, the point is, until you discover a greater truth by experimenting with the objects, or fall victim to an alien invasion in the form of Schrödinger, your mind is stuck in the box. If you were to think, “Hey, I’d like more space and tried creating more room for yourself by bringing down the walls, or even focused on one positive thought to see a world outside that home of yours, the Law of Attraction will be put in motion, while reality begins to alter.

Having seen and heard about inebriated humans experience something beyond the real world on their earthy trips, spent hours reading scientific articles that propose realities more preposterous yet awe-striking than ever before, and opening the mind to whatever the universe could have to throw at us, I have a feeling that we know just an infinitesimal part of what is around us. It could all just be an illusion, may even be a dream, a Shakespearean play orchestrated for beings in another dimension, Inception, Interstellar, a programmed machine designed to follow routine, or there’s a lot to fill in these blanks. Never underestimate what’s in front of you, and label it to be just a something.

The universe is full of possibilities, and the only way we can experience the most of it is if we can expand our perception and ability to have different perspectives.