I have a tattoo on my wrist that says “Aham Asmi” which is Sanskrit for “I am”. While it is one of the shortest sentences that seems to crack people up by seeming incompletely, it is assumes a greater philosophical stance. The basis to understanding anything around us as a process of creative or scientific inquiry is to pose the question “Who am I?” Indian manuscripts, especially teachings of Ramana Maharshi elaborate on the philosophy of self. Have you ever wondered why they ask you to surrender yourself and let go during sessions at yoga, meditation or similar practices?

Ramana Maharshi said that ‘I’ or ‘Aham’ is Consciousness itself, and by delving deeper into the consciousness we can find the true self. In addition, he proposed –

Self itself is the world; Self itself is ‘I’; Self itself is God; all is the Supreme Self (siva swarupam)

Texts from several religions, civilizations and cultures show that Aham, I or the Ego were words attributed to the Greater Consciousness otherwise known as God. If you are so arrogant to assume that you know all about the Bramhan, then you don’t know it at all. The concept is so vast that it is quite lost upon those who would choose to argue right now. If there are those who accept they don’t know it, then slowly the philosophy of self might just dawn on you, and you will become the enlightened one. Don’t think you’re going to have halos around your heads and the power to turn anything into gold. Understanding self just helps to breeze through life without allowing trivial matters affect you like a barking mad boss, a terrible storm, a bad day, hole in your pocket, lousy roommate, heavy bills, or anything else that tries to force your smile go upside down.

Forget worrying about the past & future, or how other people’s lives are, just focus on the self. Know yourself. Love yourself. Let go of all inhibitions and get lost in self to experience the best of life.

Here’s how you can spend quality time with self from Tuhinz Diary.

You are made of the universe. Trust it to take care of you as it sees fit. What’s out there is what’s within. You are IT.