If only I was born with a silver spoon
Instead of this wailing child under the moon
Quivering to my very bone as mother held my little body
Close to her bosom, warming me up with her love & torn sari
I’d have never known to brave the world
Come storm, heat, rain or hell all together
Not nearly been the mangled man I am today
Shackled up in those big houses hiding from what might be doomsday.

If only all men were created equal
And there was no envy, greed or hate
Darwin would have just been one of many names we’d pick
For a child who is always joyful and loves to learn arithmetic.

If only I had a handbook to show me the ropes
Of how to live my life as I grew up
My body would be flawless, I’d have no battle scars on my mind
Surely that’s how the way of life must be designed.

If only we were designed like robots
To learn what they teach as if our brains were shut
Graduate with honors, distinction, first class or less in the exams
We would always end up following monotony as if we were programmed.

Oh wait, that’s not an if only!