There are many great people in the world today, most of who claim that their success is self-made. You believe them; you are inspired, and you aspire to be like them. For a moment, if you choose to look at the picture from a panoramic perspective, you will realize that all those claims are false, and the stories are indeed bullpotty.

Inspirational success stories mostly follow a similar pattern at Chapter 1. It may include at least one or a combination of factors such as difficult childhood, societal norms, abuse/mockery,  abandonment, monetary issues, social responsibilities, below average living conditions, professional failure, illiteracy, incarceration, medical issues, and more. The struggle to overcome all odds and stand tall at the end of the race is commendable. The common traits seem to be determination, perseverance, sincerity and confidence. Regardless, at the end of it all, when a person claims to be self-made, it is certainly bullpotty.

For the naysayers


An egg, simply doesn’t hatch on its own. It needs the right temperature, moisture, air and most importantly time for the embryo to grow into a hatchling. The embryo can’t do all this for itself when Mama hen is safe at home, while he is on the way to a factory where a death sentence awaits. Maybe it was placed in a corner where the temperature was just enough for incubation, maybe the humidity was at its threshold limit. It was alright that he didn’t get much air, and luck was by his side that they postponed his death sentence by a day, or didn’t bother to check this lot while harvesting in the first place. He hatched.

Someone finds him, brings him home to Mama hen or somewhere else where he can socialize with others of his kind and figure things out for himself (until he gets mated or eaten of course). Sure, he struggled a bit, but there were other factors involved in his fight. Would it be OK if he called himself a self-made rooster if and when he makes it to adulthood?

Don’t you deny it

The people who put you down, cause your trouble are the stepping stones to where you go next. You may have multiple obstacles on your route. There may be no support for anything you want to do, and yet all those circumstances and all the people who said no eventually become the reason why you came so far. Cinderella suffered at the hands of her stepmother and her stepsisters, but her determination to find true happiness got stronger everyday (#actualfairytale: Ella leaves the Prince for being a philandering jerk, and continues her search for happiness elsewhere).

You may be the greatest person in the world right now, and still they are the reason for it. Nobody does something without motivation. Ask yourself “What drove me?” over and over again until you have the answer. It will never be “Just me”.

You can’t talk about a person walking unless you describe the floor(…) What I’m doing in the moment is not completely described unless you being here is described too. If in order to describe my behavior I have to describe your behavior, and the behavior of the environment, it really means we have one system of environment. What I am involves what you are. I don’t know who I am unless I know who you are(…) We define each other. We and our environment and all of us and each other are interdependent systems. We know who we are in terms of other people.Alan Watts

Claiming sole responsibility for your successes and blaming failures on the whole world just sounds too arrogant, don’t you think?